Mystical Crime Thriller Film Chinatown

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Chinatown is a mystical crime thriller film for me well directed by Roman Polinski which I believe is such a good move at the 1970’s because of the lack of infrastructure to make films at that time. Robert Towne has done a mind-blowing screen play for this movie. The plot of the movie is that a woman Evelyn Mulwray seeks help of a private investigator Jake to follow her husband who is in a high post in LA Water and power department. Jake investigation leads to mulwray, to city hearings, to dried riverbeds and eventually to Mulwray’s drowned body. 

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Suddenly he realizes that everything was a setup and original mulwray comes to him and say that she may move legally. After all these murders lies and adulteries Gittes assumes that there is something which is more serious happening all beneath this. He finally reveals the corruption and bribery behind all these is to divert the water to the valley and to make it more prosperous and to break the orange grower's business. Film grows up eventually through little fights, misunderstandings, lies and investigation.

At the end china town winds up everything as usual, revealing everything, explains everything, redefines relationships and I am not sure whether the climax is really justifying as all the bad people were alive, although not everyone. The main characters of this movie are Jack Nicholson as Jake Guittes, Fay Dunaway as Evelyn Mulwray, John Huston as Noah Cross, Perry Lopez as Escobar etc. The main character that should be explained is Jack Nicholson who did an excellent work as Jake Guittes. He played a nice and sad man, who felt like a perfect investigator who is aggressive sometimes. I find his character sometime sympathetic, although he knows how to go over the top. Evelyn Mulwray was mystical although the movie, and Noah Cross is a greedy businessman.

I am getting a mixed for this movie really fit into Classic Hollwood Narrative Style. The main point for me to explain yes is the cinematography. We will get a feel of the old movies, of those sunsets, buildings and all that. Moreover, the actor main actor was famous at that time. The points to say no is I don’t think this story is based on a novel and it extends more than two hours.

I would surely recommend this film for my friend because this film didn't fail to make me curious throughout the movie and it was not at all lagging. For film lover it will be like a textbook because there is lot to study from this film: the history, the making, how film evolved and all that. Even if the viewer is an ordinary viewer, he will like it because the plot is interesting and the direction, backgrounds, cinematography, screenplay is impressive for them.  

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