Essay Samples on Movie Summary

Wall-E Movie Summary and Review of Its Message

Summary 700 hundred years into the future, Earth is trashed and polluted by careless human activity. There is no life on earth. Humans completely abandoned their planet and live on a spaceship. Before they left, humans created robots to clean up the trash so they…

Analysis of Ralph Fiennes Adaptation of Coriolanus

In his movie adaptation of William Shakespeare’s play Coriolanus Ralph Fiennes is forced to abandon the play’s complex literary concepts and focus solely on the central themes due to time restraints. In Fiennes’s film, he uses his access to modern film techniques in order to…

Theme of Redemption in Mapantsula and Tsotsi

Two films, Mapantsula (1987) and Tsotsi (2005), are gangster genre-based films that focus on the protagonists’ redemptive qualities. Oliver Schmitz’s Mapantsula helped viewers identify anti-apartheid resistance (Modisane 100). In 1988, the Directorate of Publications included a 2-18 age restriction Mapantsula, citing it ‘has the power…

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