Essay Samples on Movies

Portrayal of Race and Violence in Django Unchained

In director Quentin Tarantino’s film Django: Unchained, a Revisionist approach to the genre allowed the film to appeal to American audiences in a few ways: a juxtaposition of violence onscreen purposefully transitions between realism and fantastical depictions, differentiating the seriousness of the slavery experience with…

Fantasy Novels Versus Fantasy Movies

Fantasy genre, which covers unrealistic elements like magic, was greatly affected by J. R. R. Tolkien who is an English writer well known for The Lord of the Rings. [1] However, he was not the first to write a fantasy novel. Edgar Allan Poe, an…

Animals as the Main Characters of Madagascar

In 2005 when the first Madagascar film was released, DreamWorks, the studio that produced and distributed the film, created marketing campaigns that stated the film would create tourism awareness for the country, Madagascar. The campaign was successful and its effectiveness was reflected in the $532.7…

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