Essay Samples on The Hunger Games

Dystopia The Handmaid's Tale & Hunger Games

Imagine, for a moment, living in a society where public information is strictly controlled, propaganda being your only source of knowledge, independent thought is frowned upon, and your freedoms are restricted as you are perceived to be under constant watch. Although written nearly two and...

The Hunger Games Movie Review

“The Hunger Games”, directed by Gary Ross, is a 2012 science fiction-adventure film; it is an adaptation of the eponymous book written by Suzanne Collins and that was sold to several million copies. Imagine a world where children are randomly picked to participate in a...

The Hunger Game: Dystopian Future

I will proceed by discussing the setting and symbolism of the movie, The Hunger Games. The description of the movie is set in the wealthy Capitol of Panem, North America, a universe in a dystopian setting that contains 12 impoverished districts, in which students are...

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