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The Issue of Racism in Sports in Glory Road

Glory Road has some main themes are particularly concerned with racism in sports. The racism is firstly highlighted by the atmosphere surrounding the players from Texas Western. As Don Haskins goes to recruit, he looks at primarily white players, but then is forced to recruit...

Glory Road: Analysing the Long-Term Effects of Racial Diversity in Basketball

In the 1966 NCAA championship, El Paso’s Texas Western College Miners, a small southern college, accomplished to win the NCAA championship against the four times NCAA champions, University of Kentucky Wildcats. The Wildcats were known to be the strongest basketball team in the nation. This...

The Overview of the Ground-Breaking Glory Road

Nothing the cast does, be that as it may, is very as moving as the appearance amid the last credits of a portion of the genuine Texas Western players, who reflect, alongside Mr. Haskins. It is a part of Disney’s successful movies which has made...

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