The Hunger Games: A Reflection of Our Society

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The Hunger Games of America The Hunger Games storyline has a lot of deeper aspects that can easily relate to the world we live in now. While watching the film, I think one of the things that really stood out to me was how the government ran the people. There is a clear divide between the rich and the poor which is something that we see in the real world as well. In the film, wealthy people get to live a life where they don’t have a lot to worry about while the other half are living day by day with barely any food to live off of. I think this stands out to me because in the real world, we do have a lot of poor communities and these people are set apart from the higher-class people. They are living in fear every day because poverty comes with things like violence, hunger, and other negative factors similar to what we see happening in the districts. In this paper, I will be discussing how the divide between the rich in the poor is very similar to what we see in our world today.

To be more specific, if we take a look at district 12 where Katniss was living, you could see how poor the community is. At the beginning of the film, we see that Gale has bread that he shares with Katniss and she couldn’t even believe her eyes. They don’t have easy access to food, the housing is extremely poor, and jobs are scarce. If we look at all of these factors from the movie and compare it to some places in the world we live in, we see plenty of similarities. For example, we are living in a time that people are really struggling to get through. Many families don’t have enough money to feed their kids or even a home to give their children. Jobs aren’t always easy to find making it hard for these people to make a living every day.

If you are wealthy or poor in this film, it will determine your status and the kind of life you will be living. Wealthy people drive nice cars, educated, and get to watch violence from a tv screen they are paying to watch. While on the other hand, the poor people in this film live everyday not knowing if one of their family members will be next. When I think of this, I also think of the divide in the real world between the low-income communities and wealthy communities. If you live in a wealthy community, your family tree will continue to be wealthy and you will rarely be exposed to the negative things of this world. One of the quotes from the film states, ‘ They do surgery in the capital to make people appear thinner. In district 12, looking old is an achievement since so many people die early’ (The Hunger Games). I think this quote can relate to those who are poor in this country. Since they are more exposed to violence and things like gangs, these poor communities also have a high early mortality rate. The people who are poor in this country have a higher mortality rate compared to the wealthier people. This is because the poor people are more exposed to violence, lack of resources, health insurance, and tend to get sick faster because they usually don’t have a good diet. All these factors can be reasons why poor people don’t live as long either.

Over all, the hunger games reflect a sort of reality of the world we live in now. It does it using different themes and this one happened to stand out to me. I think there will always be a divide between the rich and the poor because I feel like that’s how society runs.

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