Trailer Park Boys, A Mockumentary To Remember

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A park full of laughs, love, and a fair share of crime and suspense. Trailer Park Boys is a great series because of the brilliant storyline, unique characters, and relatable but laughable sense of humor. This mockumentary is well put together and not for the faint of heart, but well worth the watch. The series is about a community of good hearted people that have lived in the same Trailer Park for most of their lives. Focusing on three characters Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles.

The three boys love indulging in life’s greater things like pepperoni sticks, chicken fingers, road hockey, and hash. Ricky is an ex-con who can’t seem to let go of the fact that he didn’t complete grade ten, but considers himself smart in different ways such as committing crimes for money, and growing marijuana. Ricky looks up to his fellow ex-cellmate Julian whom graduated high school, and seems to have a good head on his shoulders. Bubbles is a straight cut type of guy, although living in Julian’s shed, has known the two boys for a long time and always seems to get dragged into their get rich schemes that generally aren’t considered very legal. Although these schemes are well thought out, the trailer park supervisors Mr. Lahey and Randi always seem to be hot on their tail. Despite their lovers quarrel and drunken mayhem. All of these characters seem to mesh and clash together in an often funny and sometimes relatable way. The story line of this series is quite entertaining. Get rich schemes with very low chance of jail time seems to be the theme of each season. After just getting out of jail, they agree to be in a documentary about their lives. Even though two of the three boys are freshly out of jail they think of ways to make money to support themselves that don’t exactly follow the law. These activities range from stealing barbeques and groceries for resale, to bootlegging liquor and selling marijuana. With the trailer park supervisors constantly trying to catch them in an effort to cleanse the park of illegal activity.

The boys take drastic measures to hide this activity, such as repaving their driveway with hash in efforts to hide it in plain sight. No matter how calculated and careful they are, Mr. Lahey and Randy would always catch them in the act. Creating conflict between the two groups, resulting in either the boys or supervisors demise. Trailer park boys has a relatable but laughable sense of humor. The series brings a more humorous and positive view to a not so fortunate situation in life.

Each character is privately interviewed giving their point of view and opinion of a situation that is going on in the documentary, this adds to the humor by giving a sense of realism. Being set in Nova Scotia there is a lot of Canadian themed jokes and traits that can be quite relatable. Although the characters are exaggerated, it is quite possible you have met a Ricky, Julian Bubbles or one of the trailer park supervisors in your own life.

Trailer park boys is definitively a series to watch. Characters that appear to be good hearted, still aren’t perfect. The storyline consists of the main characters trying to get away clean, which is often not the case. And the humor in this show is often relatable, and very laughable. Most defiantly, this is a series that you will want to watch again and again.

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