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Humor and Comedy in Super Bowl Commercials

As one of the most-watched television broadcasts, the Super Bowl reaches a diverse audience, both in terms of demographics and psychographics, which gives networks and advertisers the opportunity to present their brands in the most attractive and persuasive way possible. (…1…) Super Bowl has become...

The Different Facets of Humor in Boccaccio's Decameron

Between 1349 and 1351, the Italian poet and writer Giovanni Boccaccio (1313 – 1375) wrote his major work, the Decameron. The title itself is in Greek (deca-hemeron) and means “ten days”: the work is, in fact, a collection of one hundred tales told by ten...

The Humor Style Suitable for Leadership Positions

Throughout this report, the main topic in focus will be the Leader Humor Style. The definition of humor is not straightforward, “Over the years, researchers have been trying to arrive at one definition of humour which is both comprehensive and universal. All their efforts have...

Humour Can Be Both Fatuous And Serious

Humour is an enigmatic and ephemeral gift to mankind. It acts as the universal language that we all understand and more often than not, the concordant response would be laughter. Humour is often times regarded as the spawn of spontaneity and creativity that brings joy...

Trailer Park Boys, A Mockumentary To Remember

A park full of laughs, love, and a fair share of crime and suspense. Trailer Park Boys is a great series because of the brilliant storyline, unique characters, and relatable but laughable sense of humor. This mockumentary is well put together and not for the...

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