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Braveheart: The Story of Scotish Freedom

I think that the movie was titled Braveheart because the main person in the film who was named William Wallace (played by Mel Gibson) was very brave and fearless. He fought against the English to free Scotland from them. The director of this film goes...

Application of the François Truffaut’s Auteur Theory to Mel Gibson's Filmography

Historic overview Mel Gibson was born in January of 1956 to Hutton and Anne Gibson who were“staunch Catholics” (Peter Carrick, 1998, pg.18) which became the main focus of Gibson’s upbringing and then his creative direction as director. As Carrick (1998, pg.19) also said “The children...

Summary of the Story of Braveheart: A Historical Masterpiece

Braveheart is a movie and was adapted to a book, the movie came out in 1995 and there is a lot of different adaptation of the book, I read a version of 2000. The writer of the book is called Randall Wallace. Randall Wallace: is...

The Teaching Potential of the Movie Braveheart

Braveheart is a 1995 American movie that was directed and co-produced by Mel Gibson. The film talks about William Wallace, a medieval Scottish patriot who revolts against the English when his wife is killed. He leads his army into battle and starts to threaten England’s...

History Inaccuracies in Films about the Middle Ages

Films about the Middle Ages are profoundly modern creations. They tend to reflect the concerns and preoccupations of their modern creators rather than those of the people who lived throughout the Middle Ages. It can be argued that it is only natural for societal situations...

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