Essay Samples on Classical Music

A Perfect Piece

Everyone in the world should have the privilege to be able to hear the extraordinary musical masterpiece “Air on the G String” composed by Johann Sebastian Bach at least once in their lifetime. Bach’s piece “Air on the G String” is the second movement of…

Mighty Handful: Five Individuals, One Target

Even though Russian music had a late start of the composed music, it was very rich with content and groups it formed within time. Mikhail Glinka was the ancestor of the composed music in Russia, but other people like Mily Balakirev, César Cui, Modest Mussorgsky,…

The Analysis Of The Irish Chamber Orchestra

Company Background Based in the University of Limerick, the Irish Chamber Orchestra (ICO) is a classical music ensemble. The ensemble perform concerts regularly throughout the year on both the national and International stage . Presently, the brand is losing its relevance in the Irish culture…

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