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Ragtime as an Influential Part of Jazz

In order to understand the history of jazz, one must know where the movement derived from. The introduction of African American music started when West African slaves were brought over to America more than 400 years back. Alongside them came their solid melodic conventions. Their...

Life and Career of Duke Ellington

1) Give a detailed description of the early life and times of Duke Ellington. Why do you think he is considered one of America’s most famous composers? Duke Ellington, birth name was Edward Kennedy Ellington, the name of Duke named by his childhood friend when...

The Birth of Jazz Artistic Movement in New Orleans

The 1910s created another type of music from African American roots: jazz. Jazz evolved into a diverse tradition encompassing many styles, genres, and social roles but seems to have begun as a mixture of ragtime and dance music with elements of the blues. New Orleans...

The Revolutionary Events of 1920s: Model T, Red Scare

The 1920’s was a decade of change that roared throughout the country but ended with one of the worst economic crisis the United States had ever seen. For the first time most Americans owned cars, radios, and telephones and in addition more citizens lived in...

Distinguishing Features of The Musical Arts of Mali

Mali is a country settled southwest of Algeria, West Africa. The capital of Mali is Bamako, located on the Niger River. In 2012, Northern Mali has been completely conquered by the Islamist group. As a result, the Islamist group put in jurisprudence by force, imposing...

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