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Strong Jazz Musical Traditions for African People

In the 18th century, African people who were slaves gathered at a market and performed their dance in that area. Later on, in 1866, the Atlantic slave trade brought nearly 400 thousands of African people to North America. They had strong musical traditions along with...

Defining and Interpreting African Music

When it comes to actually defining African music we have to come to an understanding of what is African music, could it be understood as music made by Africans or music that has African elements but also what could “African elements be”? So we have...

Distinguishing Features of The Musical Arts of Mali

Mali is a country settled southwest of Algeria, West Africa. The capital of Mali is Bamako, located on the Niger River. In 2012, Northern Mali has been completely conquered by the Islamist group. As a result, the Islamist group put in jurisprudence by force, imposing...

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