Essay Samples on Rock Music

How The Beatles Rose to Their Fame

It was the fall of 1962, a monsoon of teenage screams swamped the 728-seat studio, and a line from 53rd Street Broadway down to 51st barricaded Manhattan. This was the night The Beatles would change American history forever. The Beatles February 9th performance on the...

The Link Between Rock Music and Violence

Do rock groups and stars promote violence in young people? Throughout history humans have been attracted to music – either for emotional or religious reasons, or just for pleasure. Music can be used to express ourselves, to tell a story or to let others into...

The History of the Birth of British Rock Music

Rock was born in the US where European cultural norms were not such important and this liberated and free country became a motherland to new cultural movements and subcultures. Such genres as jazz, blues, and rock’n’roll were born there. As the United Kingdom has always...

Rock Music: A Platform for Social Protest

Rock music has long been used and continues to be used today as a platform for social protest. Rock music protest topics have evolved from Slavery, War, Injustices, to Presidents and other political leaders. Modernity has unquestionably been the most politically polarized decade in music’s...

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