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The Rivalry of Salieri and Mozart in Amadeus

In the film, Salieri is full of rage when he comes to find his talents aren’t as recognized as much as Mozart himself is. He believes that he has sacrificed way too much. Salieri begins to have conflictions with nature especially in his views on...

Analysis of the Central Conflict in Biographical Drama Amadeus

In my opinion, the central conflict in Amadeus is that Salieri's sacrifices don’t lead to the level of recognition he believed he should’ve received. Salieri believes Mozart got it easy by God giving Mozart the talent and a father figure that taught him everything and...

Movie Review of Amadeus: Behind the Mask of a Great Musician

After watching the movie 'Amadeus,' I was in a sad mood with excitement. This Mozart biographical film is a record of the devastation of a great musician in the world, and a microcosm of a class of people. Mozart's genius and achievements need not be...

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