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Daca And Why We Should Keep It

DREAMers have proven to the country that they are American by working, getting their licenses, and getting educated; however, all that is missing is their papers. In ten years, DREAMers add $460.3 billion to the economy. Getting rid of DACA will be hard on local...

Creation and Establishment of Facebook, First Social Network

Focusing on the story of Facebook starting in a small Harvard dorm room, The Social Network is a film that summarizes the way to make 500 million friends through a few enemies. The unforgettable opening scene of The Social Network is a tremendous work that...

The Social Network: Motivation of Facebook's Founder

Introduction: The Social Network narrates the story of Mark Zuckerberg, a young computer engineer attending Harvard University. After breaking up with his girlfriend Zuckerberg decides to create a site to rank the young appeal of Harvard co-eds. He uses his exemplary computer knowledge to download...

Facebook As The New Form Bio Sociality

There has been a significant increase in the prevalence of Non- communicable diseases (NCDs) over the last 25 years. Along with this phenomena, trend new invention on NCD medication treatment is also increasing. All actors in the healthcare sector are in development process to find...

Facebook, The Danger Of Algorithms

Facebook, one of the only places in the modern world, where you can freely speak your mind and share your thoughts with, seems like such a great idea doesn’t it? Facebook, ever since its invention in 2004 has increasingly been controlling peoples’ lives, but little...

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