Daca And Why We Should Keep It

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DREAMers have proven to the country that they are American by working, getting their licenses, and getting educated; however, all that is missing is their papers. In ten years, DREAMers add $460.3 billion to the economy. Getting rid of DACA will be hard on local communities, businesses, and the American economy itself. Getting rid of DACA would also get rid of about 685,000 workers in two years, or more than 30,000 jobs a month. As well as costing employers $3.4 billion in turnovers. I believe that we need to find a way to help the DREAMers- or any persons trying to enter the United States- get their citizenship easier. Getting rid of these people is morally wrong and wrong for the economy.

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Trump wanted to get rid of DACA and there are consequences for the DREAMers. It is unclear whether it is a risk to (re)apply for DACA or if it is safe. Also, undocumented students are a big part of New England’s community. As well as being a help to higher education, they also help New England economically. Although DREAMers do not receive financial aid, they still try to gain higher education. It is stated that students who have done everything right should not be deported. I believe that it is wrong to try and deport young people who are pursuing a better life because of not having a paper that states your citizenship even though they do feel American at heart.

Ending DACA is going to hurt the economy by taking away workers, and tax revenue. More than 90% of DACA recipients are currently employed. DREAMers are going to increase the labor force, too. Getting rid of DACA is going to cost the economy billions of dollars. Although, people do say they want to get rid of DACA so that the “dangerous criminals” can be deported, getting rid of DACA won’t change that because dangerous illegal immigrants do not become recipients. I believe that some people need to learn how much of an impact getting rid of DREAMers would be. Even though some people think that we “are just bringing crime,” those are not the people that are DREAMers. It is a bad economic choice to get rid of DACA.

As of November 16, 2018, you are not able to apply for DACA, unless it is a renewal. DACA protects you from deportation and it also gives you a work permit. Some of the requirements for DACA are being in the U.S. before you turned 16, being younger than 31 before June 15, 2012, and much more. This source tells you all the requirements you will need to sign up for DACA, as well as give you examples of proof you can take to sign up or to renew. I believe that this website is very helpful, especially since it is a University website (UC Berkeley) and it just makes it more meaningful for the students who go there.

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