immigration Reform For Immigrants In The U.s. And Why Daca Should Stay

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When immigrants come of age many grew up feeling like outcasts in contrast to citizens. Immigration is a considerably large importance in the U.S, especially because it was originally founded and forged by immigrants. The land of opportunity is in a situation where they have lost control over its immigration policies, this is why a change is imperative. Not only are immigrants profitable for the U.S but it is the government’s responsibility to create a change in their immigration system for those seeking freedom and education. Many immigrants come from third world countries where they are forced to live into a life of poverty, manual labor, hunger, and sex or drug trafficking, these people leave everything behind to come to the U.S. for asylum so they can receive a better life for their children. It is only right for the U.S. to create an improved policy for immigration in justice for all the people who came here in effort to create a better life for them to at least be given the chance to be handled and processed accordingly to see if they are granted the request to migrate here.

There is countless reason on how immigrants are profitable to the U.S. Aside from them being a vast majority of our population, documented or not they are in our everyday life as our co-workers, our neighbors, our classmates, our friends, and for many of us our family. Imagine if the United States ordered all immigrants to vacant the country, not only would the country be in chaos, but the country would take an enormous blow economically. Don’t forget that immigrants have been allowed to live and buy any place they prefer to whether it is land, a house, a business, and more without constraints helping America’s economy grow. Just from a recent study that was taken and posted on October 8, 2018 on “Should DACA Be Ended” states “DACA

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recipients contribute an estimated $42 billion to the U.S. economy every year“ (Noorani, 23) This study was only based on documented DACA recipients, so imagine the degree of income from undocumented immigrants as well. Immigrants always been and will continue to be profitable to the U.S.

As long as anyone could remember, America was created by immigrants. You get a hint that it was just by reading the Declaration of Independence as it is known that it was written by people who migrated to the country and states that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.” This is one of many reasons why the U.S. is responsible to create a system in which it evaluates and processes every immigrant accordingly to determine if they receive asylum or not. America is known for being the land of opportunity and freedom, in which of being so, they should be obligated to take in families in need of a better life. As not only is America known for its immigration but their whole government was based on oncoming traffic of people into the country where whoever is disappointed with their own country policy is allowed to attempt for asylum. To just discontinue allowing immigrants in the country would be absurd and inhumane. It should be a law for the country to take responsibility to take in and handle every immigrant until they are processed correctly.

Children that migrate to the U.S. with their families are left without an option or a choice. Most children do not even realize they are immigrants until they reached the age to apply for a job or even to go to college. It is the result of parents wanting a better life for their children in which so, the government should not discriminate against kids who arrive here at a young age because it’s not like they were given the choice to migrate to this country. The children of immigrated parents who were given birth on U.S. soil are automatically considered citizens and even in some cases, the parents receive citizenship over time as well. It would be inhumane to send back immigrants who came to the U.S. at such a young age and spent more than the majority of their lifetime here. Although it should be required for children to attend school throughout the years they’re here. Young adults who came to the U.S. at a young age should not be prosecuted for deportation in contrary should be guaranteed asylum on certain conditions met.

Thus, immigration takes an enormous role in America and shall be properly handle or chaos would arise. The U.S. government must take responsibilities to create a system where all immigrants are analyzed in which they are accepted or denied for the eligibility of asylum in the U.S. As stated in “Should DACA Be Ended” article “Immigrants are American in every way, except on paper, and we must ensure they stay here” (Noorani, 23)

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