The Important Reasons Why Daca Should Stay

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Are dreamers taking U.S. citizens rights away or is it just an opportunity to illegal aliens? This is one of the many arguments people have been talking about the dream act. The program dream act was passed to help all illegal immigrants succeed in their education. This program was not given to take U.S rights, indeed it was given to give back to the country that has given them many opportunities. This program also known as DACA was proposed by the president Barack Obama and has been applied to many illegal immigrants since August 2012. This was a great opportunity all those illegal students who were still enrolled in school and wanted to go further with their education. As many may know being part of the Dream Act program is not to give illegal aliens U.S citizens rights but it is allowing young immigrants to get an education and pursue their dreams and having that opportunity there parents did not have. Also the dream act is helpful because it lends them financial aid and they get a social security to then pay the country back. While they get educated the country is getting a reward as well. Like in my case, I work part time and go to school and with the money I get I pay my tuition. This is something every undocumented student faces right after high school. They get a job and go to college. But, unfortunately a lot of students stop going to school because they can’t afford for the tuition and there books sometimes they don't even have enough money to pay off transportation.

What is Daca and what does it do ? “ DACA has provided a pathway for children and young adults who came to the United States with their parents to legally obtain a driver’s license, enroll in college and work” CNN 2018. Daca has made a huge impact in young adults it has given them the opportunity to enroll in college and pursue their dreams it has also given them the opportunity get a social work to get a job in the fields. Daca is also referred to as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is a kind of administrative relief from deportation. The purpose of DACA is to protect all those youth immigrants. DACA protects all youth immigrants from getting deported, and getting a work permit. This program expires every 2 years and after every 2 years you have to pay a total of $450 renewal. This policy gives all these youth individuals the opportunity to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action from deportation and eligibility for a work permit. With DACA dreamers are also allowed to travel anywhere in the U.S. with no risks of getting deported.This program has also given us the opportunity to drive legally and obtain a driver license. A lot of the DACA recipients get judge for being criminals but if you did not know that, when applying for a DACA they are very strict about it and you need to meet certain standards to get in one of those many rules is you need to have a clean criminal record anyone with a serious criminal history (defined as a felony or serious misdemeanor conviction, or three misdemeanor convictions) is not eligible. 'My education can hopefully continue but without that income, I'm not sure,' Diaz. I can definity say so much about this quote becoming a dreamer has yet to be one of the most greatest blessing I would've gotten but my dream ever since a kid has always been to pursue my dreams and be someone in life even before I got my DACA that did not stop be from pursuing my dreams I did know that it was going to be harder as I got older having to find a job to continue my education was going to be even harder because I did not have a good social security but thankfully that's when this program came along now imagine if they were to take it down thousands of dreamers will feel completely lost because a lot have already pursue their dreams or even have their dream job already.

Imagine going to High School and having a perfect gpa, a four-year scholarship and getting accepted to your dream university. Sounds awesome right ? Well what happens if your scholarship is taken away? Especially if this was your only financial resource that would help you attend your dream university all because you weren't a U.S. citizens and your only hope happened to be the Dream Act. Imagine being or getting judged and not getting the same education just or depending on where you are from. Well that's what a lot of us immigrants face everyday in the United States and now that we got this amazing opportunity to pursue our dreams and get our dream job even get into our dream school, they want to take a this aways from us when we are doing no harm to the U.S. Why do some people want the program to end ? well since President Trump won the 2016 election, the ending of DACA has been viewed as another potential means to advance his strict immigration policies. Ignacia Rodriguez, policy advocate at the National Immigration Law Center, tells POPSUGAR that while President Trump has assured Dreamers that they had nothing to worry about, he also ran a campaign that suggested otherwise. There is lots of people who disapprove of the program when it has not only benefited the dreamers to pursue their dreams but it is also benefiting America fill in the gaps that are missing in our economy like the numbers gap, education gaps, and the ambition gaps. These gaps need to be filled in even if it means that undocumented students will help fill them out.

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There are fewer than 1 million dreamers, and they are productive citizens. They're been raised in the US with American values, they have American educations, they are fluent English speakers, they are in college now that they are allowed to attend, or they are employed. In my view, they are Americans in all but name and should be give a status that will allow them, eventually, to apply for citizenship. Most of us came here as little kids when we had no choice but to follow our parents and we get criticized by that we are not criminals we are like any other human trying to have a better life and further education. Why does Trump want to end the program what harm is it making him to end it ? DACA has already been terminated effective in March. Those whose DACA permits have expired cannot renew them & must depart or be deported. The rest have until their current permits expire or program termination in March to depart or be deported. Unless Congress does something within the next few weeks. But that is unlikely, and any thing they might do likely will ONLY apply to those with currently effective permits, not those whose permits have already expired. In the article, “Appeals court affirms order preventing end to DACA program,” the court said 'We conclude that plaintiffs are likely to succeed on their claim that the rescission of DACA -- at least as justified on this record -- is arbitrary, capricious, or otherwise not in accordance with law,' We’ve always known: Trump’s decision to kill #DACA was wrong and that his sole motivation was to deport 800,000 people of color. Today, it has been reaffirmed by another Federal Court. Wrong! Trump's true intentions were to 'kill' it and bring it back just to distract people from demanding some sort of amnesty that would legalize the vast majority of dreamers. By 'revoking' it people lost focus on their goal and focused too much on bringing daca 'back'.

Losing DACA would have a major impact on all Dreamers, Us DACA recipients are not eligible for most types of federal benefits, including Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act health insurance marketplace, and federal student aid, other programs.But we have access to obtain a driver’s licenses in all states, in-state tuition and state-funded aid in some states, and occupational licenses in a few states. Depending on where we live we would be at grave risk of losing complete or partial access to these few provisions that have vastly improved their quality of life if DACA were terminated. However, there are states who could help us help protect DACA recipients and provide some sense of normalcy in their daily lives should the program come to an end.Students in many states have access to affordable higher education regardless of their immigration status a few states allow unauthorized immigrant professionals to obtain professional and occupational licenses. Higher education will be less accessible it will have a complete turn back on us. In the article What DACA Recipients Stand to Lose—and What States Can Do About It, “ DACA has provided opportunities for recipients, who are enrolled in college and study to become someone.” I can definitely relate to this as a Daca and college student my goal in life is to purse my goals and become a social worker in order for me to finish school and work a my dream job as a social worker, and if the program ends it will have a huge impact not only on me but thousands of students this would be so much harder to finish college and obtain a job since one signature can cut our dreams short.

What will happen if the program ends ? It really isn't fair. I don't really see how people can expect these kids to go back to their own countries. In the article Undocumented no more: the power of state citizenship,Peter L. Markowitz states, “not only that states have the power to grant citizenship to undocumented immigrants, but also that a movement among integrationist states to exercise this power is normatively desirable.’’Seeing how most of them are under the age of 18, they can't exactly travel and get a passport and legally go back to their countries of origin, So they'd have to sneak back across the border, which is very dangerous and many die trying to sneak in. Not only this but if they are caught they will be banned from reentry. They don't have the money to make it back to their own countries, seeing as how they are not adults or legal and cant obtain a job without fake papers. Their parents most likely wouldn't send them back to their countries of origin when they just payed and risked so much to get them over here and who would want to send themselves back to a life of poverty? And the minute they turn 18 they are seen as adults under american law and 'responsible' for their illegal status which doesn't make any sense to me because if we aren't holding them accountable before they turn 18 then why don't we give them opportunities for legalization? and even if they return to their country without receiving any penalty, and try to re enter it takes years and the most likely come from mexico (52% of them do) where the demand is very high, and will most likely be denied. and when trying to pursue higher education you really dont have years and years to wait.

Were screwed over at every angle you look at it and they themselves didn't even immigrate illegally on purpose, their parents made that decision for them.I hate it when people say 'maybe if they stayed in their own countries they could fight and make it “better' that is just ignorant. they don't have any resources available to them back in those 3rd world countries to make anything better. all the wealth is being held in government and the upper class. And no one, (especially the U.S.) wants to give them anything or help them because they don't have anything of value, like oil. so we spend our time 'fighting terrorism' in Iraq, and working on good political relations with venezuela and iran. no we don't help our own neighbors in mexico where 50% of the population lives in poverty classified by the world bank as making less than 2 dollars a day but that's just how the world is I suppose.

Inconclusion, no matter what your ethnicity is or where you come from don't let other bring you down and stop you from pursuing your dreams.America fill in the gaps that are missing in our economy like the numbers gap, education gaps, and the ambition gaps. These gaps need to be filled in even if it means that undocumented students will help fill them out. 

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