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The Examination of Peter Singer's Solution to World Poverty

I will begin by giving an exposition of Peter Singer’s paper, “Famine, Affluence, and Morality” in which Singer discusses the need for individuals to donate substantially more towards preventing global poverty and famine. I will then argue that Singer does not understand that the proximity...

The Singer's Proposal to World Poverty in Bengal and Further

1971, in East Bengal, there were millions of refugees and people who were starving and suffering due to considerable poverty and a civil war in the country. Using this as a catalyst for a reason people should be taking some form of action, Singer writes...

Poverty and the Free Market in Philosophies of Mark Zwolinski and Peter Singer

Introduction In the works of both Matt Zwolinski and Peter Singer, the two political philosophers explore the moral necessities surrounding altruistic international assistance and economic relationships, demonstrating the need for greater, more pragmatic international support for developing countries in the context of the global free...

The Solution to World Poverty and Human Rights Presented by Singer

World Poverty and Human Rights is written by Thomas Pogge. In this paper, he shows us a fact that the 2,735 million people which is constituting 44 percent of the world’s population only earn 1.3 percent of the global product and 955 million citizens from...

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