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Poverty is the Mother of Crime: Understanding the Claim

The relationship between poverty and crime has long been a topic of debate and analysis. This essay explores the assertion that poverty is the mother of crime, delving into the complex interplay between socioeconomic conditions and criminal behavior. While it's important to recognize the multifaceted...

Exploring Material, Structural, and Cultural Explanations to Poverty

The poverty line, which was used in 2014 in the Britain and the European Union was used to describe individuals living on or below the 60% median income and distinguishes those who are poor. In 2012-2013 there were 21% of the population in Britain living...

Breaking the Cycle: Exploring the Interplay of Poverty, Education, and Corruption

Poverty is having a low financial income to meet one's basic needs. Living in inhumane conditions and lacking means and resources to provide necessities such as food, clothing and shelter. Inability to maintain a healthy standard of living in terms of life. Poverty is the...

Illiteracy and Poverty: the Vicious Cycle of Disadvantage

Educational outcomes are one of the key areas influenced by family incomes. Poverty significantly affects the resources available to students. Due to this lack of resources, many students struggle to reach the same academic achievement levels of students not living in poverty. The factors affecting...

Critical Analysis Of The Study About Children In The Street

This essay will critically analyse an ethnographic study which discussed the issues about children in the street. The location of the study originates from Mexico, Ciudad Juárez. The uncovering from the study showed crucial concern on how it has affected in establishing childhood. Factors such...

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