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Global Hunger And Its Prevalence In America

Introduction: There is a lot of hunger up in the world and a lot of people are least bothered. Hunger defines a short-term bodily pain as an end result of chronic meal shortage, or in extreme cases, a life-threatening lack of food. According to FAO,...

The Issue Of Rich Still Out Weighing The Poor

Did you know that 1% of households in the US produced more than 25 times what a family in the 99% did (“US Income Inequality”)? Income inequality between the rich and the poor has been happening since before the Great Recession, a period of time...

The Effects Of Poverty On Society

Poverty is a problem within the world. Being so that most people that are in these conditions will not get any further because the economic resources and standards of living are extremely low and have no intentions of bettering. Society today has been taught those...

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