the Rising And Worsening Issue Of Child Hunger In The States 

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Why Is Hunger Getting Worse? Child hunger in the States is a growing problem. Child hunger is when a child does not have adequate food to get the energy they need to do everyday things. One example of this is when a child eats little, poor nutritional or no food it is then much harder to learn or absorb the information being given. Studies have shown that 56% of kids rely on school meals. But what is causing hunger to grow? There is no specific person or anything for that matter, in charge of causing hunger. But there are certainly things causing it to grow, one being poverty. The reason being, to provide healthy food for you and your family you need money. For example, if you only have enough money to buy junk foods you are still not giving you and your family the nutrients you need to do everyday activities. Another suspect in helping the hunger crisis grow is food waste. When food is wasted there is less for those who could use it most. Of all the food globally produced ⅓ of it is wasted by being thrown away. And all the world’s hungry people could be fed by just the waste from Europe, the U.K., and America. These causes have been greatly contributing to hunger everywhere. Hunger has great effects on the whole world. One effect is that when you don’t eat it is hard to learn in school. 90% of educators stress the importance of eating breakfast to academic achievement.

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Low-income students that go to school hungry get lower grades than students who go to school fed and full. This is impacting our future leaders because if our future generations can’t learn what will our leaders look like in the future. Another impact is how hard it is to fall asleep on an empty stomach. 16% of 5th graders had trouble sleeping on an empty stomach while 14% of 7th graders had trouble on an empty stomach. And if you can't sleep you can't learn either. No Kid Hungry One way we can help to get rid of hunger and stop it from growing is to help companies who are raising money to fight this cause. One possible foundation to donate to is the “No Kid Hungry” campaign. This organization spreads awareness of child hunger as well as provides breakfast, summer meals, afterschool meals and gives education about nutrition. “No Kid Hungry” was started by Billy Shore in 2010 alongside his sister Debbie Shore. The organization is now owned by Share Our Strength which helped launch in 2010. The shore siblings started no kid hungry because they were in politics and hunger came to their attention. “No kid hungry” takes donations towards giving a meal to a child. These meals include breakfast, lunches, and dinners. They also have meetings that help to spread awareness and teach you how to make nutritious low-cost meals. So far “No Kid Hungry” has raised 300 million dollars towards ending child hunger. It has gotten 2.9 million children eating school meals and have given out 775 million meals to kids in need. No Kid Hungry has made a great impact on child hunger. Meals on wheels Another organization that helps millions every year is” Meals On Wheels”. 

Founded by Doris Taylor in 1969, it was just a small company in Australia who catered to nursing homes selling healthy meals for only 65 cents. Now meals on wheels charges $6.90 and get money for gas supplies and food from “The Older Americans Act Nutrition Program” and has companies to help to fund such as AARP and Caesars Foundation. The company has been serving the elderly for 49 years and counting. In 2016 alone they served 2.5 million americans. “Meals on wheels” is making an impact, one meal at a time. Meals on wheels now caters to not only Australia but also some parts of America. Meals on wheels not only serves meals but also takes suggestions from the elderly and asks for ways they think companies could improve their fall/in-home safety prevention. They also help older adults to get enrolled in S.N.A.P. (Or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). Meals On wheels is a great company for older people who can't afford food or are not able to travel to places other than within their neighborhood. But if you are not elderly it is easier for you to go to places like food banks. Why No Kid Hungry is better “Meals on wheels” is a good organization if you want to learn about hunger within seniors, but this is about learning about hunger in kids. That’s why “No Kid Hungry” is one of the best solutions to help stop childhood hunger. 

Also “No Kid Hungry” is very well known across the world. Another reason “No Kid Hungry” is the better organization is the fact that it has served 775 million meals to kids in the U.S. and District of Columbia. There are a lot more reasons to choose “No Kid Hungry” over “Meals On Wheels” “No Kid Hungry is the way to go when helping child hunger. The childhood hunger crisis is serious and our future may be in danger if we don't stop it When we work to end childhood hunger we are giving hope to our kids and future generations by making sure their possible leaders are qualified and up to the challenge of leadership. As a child who grew up with friends who sometimes couldn't afford food, I know how scary it is for people who can't focus to do everyday tasks like even have the energy to stay awake in classes or walk home. Even though there are lots of possible candidates when taking about the childhood hunger crisis. 

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