The Impact Of Hunger In United States On Child Development

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Did you know there is eight deaths per day out of 1,000 people? One of the major causes of this high number is starvation, or hunger. World hunger is hunger not just in your city or country but globally. Starvation happens to roughly 12.9 % of the world. That number just shows how much each one of us takes for granted every day. We have easy access to food, water, and shelter; and in the United States, alone, we waste, or throw away, $161 billion worth of food in 2011. If we didn’t waste that money, we could’ve partially helped in ending world hunger. 

Therefore, man-kind should end world hunger because people die every day from hunger, they don’t always have what they need to survive, and starvation affects children. Starvation kills roughly 25,000 people each day. Many can get horribly sick from not eating a nutritious meal. People will also be able to build antibodies to help prevent diseases like the flu and ebola from killing so many. Also, in some countries women do not have many rights. They can’t work or do many tasks in order to help provide for their families. Therefore, women gaining more rights would help take many women and families out of poverty and starvation. 

Another reason why people starve is they do not have the necessities they need available to them. In some cases, communities may not be in poverty, but just can’t get food. Often times, in war, food shortages occur which can leave a country in famine. Communities and villages will often be forgotten about. In a different case, a community may not be able to or have the resources to grow their own food. One of the most depressing kinds of hunger is childhood hunger. Humans should know that roughly every minute, four children die of hunger. That means every day, twenty-four hours, 5,760 children die of hunger. Think all of the children that come to St. Helen and multiple it by fourteen. If the child, who is in hunger, does not die of hunger then it can cause stunted-growth. 

Stunted-growth is when a young child does not have all the nutrients they need so they do not grow properly. Another thing that can happen is children may not be able to focus in school and can’t get a full and proper education. In conclusion, world hunger should end because people die of starvation, don’t have necessities, and it has a large impact on children. Therefore, ending world hunger would teach society that we can always change something we feel is unjust or wrong. We have a lot of work to do but we can end world hunger!

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