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Water and Food Shortage Article Review

 Water covered two thirds surface of theearths, water is one ofthe most important elements responsible for life on earth. It is not only vital for nourishment of life, but equally necessary for socio-economic development. Water is the basic requirement of life. And water is the...

The Hard Task Of Government's Food Supply Management

Introduction With the surplus in food shortages, concerns regarding global warming and the sustainability of the food supply have resulted in several governments attempting to take action. Several activists and scientists believe that countries should not wait for more problems to arise and governments should...

The Threats to Global Food Supplies and Possible Solutions to the Problem

It is predicted the global population will reach 9 million by 2050 (Black, 2010). The world is facing serious food supply risk and more challenging farming environment, whereas countless food is wasted every day instead of eaten. This essay discusses the impact of increasing land...

Rice Shortage in Philippines and the Rice Importation Controversy

Although the our country is an agricultural-based with rice as its main crop, we still import rice from other countries than consuming the harvest of the Filipino farmers, the country almost relies on Rice Importation even though we can increase the rice production in our...

A Horrifying Results of the Venezuelan Economy Crash

Yesenia is a 13-year-old girl living in the slums of Caracas, the capital and among the poorest cities in Venezuela. Unable to speak, she furrows her brow and raises her hand to her mouth, signaling hunger as she waits for Maria, her older sister, to...

How To Reduce Food Waste In Schools

Don’t you think it’s about time to stop food waste in schools? There are people in the world who are starving for food, and you’re just throwing it away? There are countless benefits in reducing food waste, some of them include, reducing methane emissions from...

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