Essay Samples on Equality

Identity Theft and the Fourteenth Amendment

Unlawful identity theft happens when a pretender steals another individual’s name and private data. The data may include the date of birth, social security number or name. The thief may show to the police force a fake license comprising another individual’s information (Barnard-Wills, 2011). Often,…

The Enlightenment and Fight for Equal Rights

The Enlightenment may be termed both a period and a process. Periodically, it spanned the mid-seventeenth to early-nineteenth centuries and, simultaneously, it describes a process undergone by man to employ his own understanding. At the fount of Enlightenment thought was an emphasis on the independent…

Women's Struggle for Equality and Unionisation

Introduction Over the centuries, women have been subjected to a social injustice in regards to their employment. The social-constructs of societies worldwide have allowed for women to become subservient to men by means of unpaid work, gender biases, gender inequalities, and discrimination. These biases have…

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