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Toxic Masculinity: The Horrendous Truth of Toxic Feminism

Feminism, “The theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes” Merriam Webster Dictionary. You may have heard the words many times before, seen the protests plastered on news websites, and possibly even participated during a protest. In the modern age, the word...

The Escalation of Toxic Masculinity in the Student Demographic

Abstract The proposed study looks to examine the presence of toxic masculinity in the population of students that are at high risk for the perpetration of rampage school shootings. In a collaboration with Dr. Lori Wolff, Dr. Jennifer Stollman, and doctoral candidates in both the...

Toxic Masculinity: Defining Healthy Boundaries of Masculinity

What is it to be a man? The real definition varies through society but there is no real answer. Traditional masculinity has been passed down through centuries, but how do boys turn into “men”? Is it when boys are taught how to change a tire,...

The Harmful Effects of Toxic Masculinity on Men

The fight against toxic masculinity has been around for many centuries and continues to be in our society. Toxic masculinity is defined as certain traits and behavior when men are seen turning emotional situations, and not knowing how to handle them and making them violent....

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