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Overpopulation and the Dangers of Ignoring the Issue

Introduction What in the event that one day there were as well numerous individuals living on planet Earth, utilizing up as well much of its assets? Overpopulation is “the condition of having a population so thick as to cause natural weakening, an impeded quality of...

The Moral Imperative of Helping Countries Affected by Overpopulation

Introduction Long before humans ever arrived on Earth, the planet was bright and green with so much more to give; however, as humans began to populate the planet, nature’s beauty began to diminish leaving us with a view of many buildings instead of wonderful green...

Colombia's Precarious Situation: The Impact of Venezuelan Refugees

Introduction Colombia is in the north of South America, looking at it on the map it is bordered by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, with Venezuela sitting legitimately east of it. According to Gale Global Issues Online Collection, “by early 2018, the Colombian...

The Ugly Truth Behind Dog Breeding: Overpopulation and Health Issues

There has been a lot of controversy regarding dog breeding. Some people think dog breeding is superb, whereas a lot of people think quite the opposite. Many people agree with the idea that it is better to go to your local animal shelter and adopt...

Overpopulation in China: A Growing Crisis

Overpopulation is a crisis that stands alongside climate change. As it is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity today. It is one of the main problems for the environment, humans, and for the whole ecosystem (Howell, 2009). This results to many problems such as...

Overpopulation: A Growing Crisis Ignored by Many

Introduction It is irritating to walk in a crowd where a full step is hard to reach; walking has become a problem due to overpopulation. Living in a finite world, being selfish has become something normal to many; when before being selfless was something to...

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