Toxic Masculinity: The Horrendous Truth of Toxic Feminism

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Feminism, “The theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes” Merriam Webster Dictionary. You may have heard the words many times before, seen the protests plastered on news websites, and possibly even participated during a protest. In the modern age, the word is thrown around quite often to get the basis that these women want the same pay as men, they want to be equal and treated as such. But what happens when it goes too far? When the idea is taken and used in the wrong way to belittle the status of a man. toxic feminism, “The belief that women should always be higher up than men, Often backed up with physical or verbal abuse towards the other gender.” Urban Dictionary, This is used to deprecate a man’s status in society to try and get to their roots. Furthermore, this has continued to grow and the feminist movement is now sorted into two groupings, pro-equality and anti-male pushing the agenda of women higher trying to gain superior status. Using their movement to gain superiority is a problem it takes the original idea of equality for both sexes and completely changes it into a hate group. Therefore because Feminism gets out of hand it puts men and women alike into situations that belittles them and that diminishes their thoughts and plasters them into what they are at their worst.

The idea of toxic feminism is to make men look as evil and terrible as they could ever be. They will do everything in their power to find what makes a man evil and use that to provoke them showing those evil characteristics that they have. After they have done this they continue to belittle the male gender by putting all males into three groups rapists, harassers, or potential rapists and harassers. Is it fair to say that every man has the possibility of someday feeling the urge to harass or even rape a woman? As the FCPP states, “ Men are always shown as being arrogant, insensitive, and oppressive towards women.” When you say that men are always shown as arrogant, and insensitive. It makes these evil characteristics burst out and spreads the word that is thrown around that is only there to belittle the male gender toxic masculinity. Toxic masculinity is thrown around as a man who is too masculine and is extremely hostile towards women. When this happens it once again relays what is trying to be done to show off the horrible characteristics of a man and slaughter their reputation, and when this is finalized and they have reached their goal it brings them down to what they are shown to be. Oppressive, insensitive, and the list goes on for what this can do to someone. Because of what has been done to the male recipients they have become the very thing that they were afraid of becoming no man wants to become toxic. They have been put down to the worst they can ever be and it only further pushes women up to their high superior standards.

Furthermore with the superiority complex that this creates it will then label women as superior. But what happens with this complex is created? It only ruins the reputation of that single man alone right? Wrong while pushing that agenda it then developed into all men are evil without having to bring out the characteristics because of how actual toxic men act. Since there is a tiny percentage of men who act like this is majority rules and then every single man that anyone will ever talk to is now being shown as an abomination to society. This then gets rid of the masculinity of a male. It begins to feminize every part of a man’s life. How did this happen, how are we losing masculinity and becoming more feminine? In the study by David French called “The Feminization of Everything Fails Our Boys” He states “Men and women, in general, have different roles to play in their kids’ lives, and a boy sees in a good dad the fruits of properly channeled and properly lived masculinity. He has a model, often a hero, who lives in the closest possible proximity.” When a father who has been bullied and harassed for who he then raises his son he doesn’t play that role that can give someone their masculine attributes. Therefore they are lacking something that makes them who they are. It’s taking their characteristics and making them feminine pushing their superiority higher. With these defining features missing, we are then losing something even more important. We all dream of graduating from college and being able to pursue the career that we want. But with this feminization of everything the stats show that this superiority complex is failing. As so in the article by David French he states this “It’s estimated that in 2026 college graduates will be 60%, Women.” What does this have to do with toxic feminism? On every college campus, there is a women’s center that is open to women and in some case transgender women. But there is no male center anywhere. The most that you could get is go talk to a school official and watch them do nothing. This fails men this doesn’t give them any support if they are going through something hard. This is why men are 3.54 times more likely to commit suicide than a woman. They have no one to talk to they are assumed to find out their problems themselves. As David French states, “When will there stop being a crisis for women on campus? When they reach two-thirds of the higher-education population? When three out of every four college grads are women?” When will men stop being labeled and put into groups based on what people say about them? When will men have lower suicide rates? It starts with taking down the superiority complex that toxic feminists have. When they are graduating from college more often than men instead of it being equal or even close to equal they then say that it’s the man’s fault but is it? When the have been subjected to a group of potential rapists and belittled from the status of their gender and they have been bullied horrendously how does it make them feel when this is done to them? When they are being labeled as less than a woman instead of being equal. It’s the same thing that the feminist movement is supposed to be fighting for. They have swapped the roles, but they haven’t solved the problem.

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With that said the truth is the perfect male mindset isn’t achievable by the standards that toxic feminism pushes. The feminist movement shows that women are strong and independent while that is fine to say, they can fight for themselves we are happy they are standing up for themselves. But when you take it out of hand and start trying to say that because a male wants to be someone who protects a woman makes them too masculine that once again brings up the word toxic masculinity. But on the other hand, they then say that a man is their knight in shining armor and they have to give up everything for them. It’s the harsh truth that continues to bring down the social status of a man. This has been happening for years but people refuse to do anything about it, they don’t talk about it enough and it goes unnoticed. As Jane Gilmore states in her article “How Toxic Femininity Is Damaging Us.” “Weak” men become pussies. Empathy, compassion, vulnerability, gentleness are effeminate and therefore threatening to the ideal of the stoic Real Man.” If they act masculine they are called toxic. If they show any weakness or don’t act strong as society tells them they are called pussies. It ties into this quote ‘My dad never told me that he loved me, even though I know he does. He hadn’t hugged me either. Even now that he is in his eighties, I would love to hear him say it.'(Phil Chan) We’re not told by our role models these passionate words as we love you, we care for you, I’m here for you. We’re taught to be strong and when they feminize our fathers into saying these words and we’re raised to be passionate and sincere we are then bullied for being weak and not being strong like a real man should be. Toxic feminism is continuously combatting itself of what it wants the male mindset to be making it unachievable to their standards. Everyone was raised and acts different, they can’t expect a man not to be weak and then not expect them to show strong attributes.

On a final note, not only does this oppress men down to what they are at their worst, bring them down labeling women as superior and suppressing them of all emotions. This also hurts the female party who doesn’t agree with the toxic feminists. How does this happen? Throwing around the world toxic masculinity, there is also toxic femininity which is not to be confused with toxic feminism. As Jane Gilmore states in her article “How Toxic Femininity Is Damaging Us.” “If women are “good”, if they are quiet, submissive, placatory, undemanding and nurturing, they will not get themselves into trouble with violent men.” It brings them down to this once again taking their characteristics and only showing the ones that a man wants. How does toxic feminism use this? It would make more sense if a male group that was anti-female was able to do this but it revolves around taking what they don’t see a strong female as and if they don’t agree with them they are labeled as an object in a man’s game a person who has been brainwashed into thinking that what the anti-male group is for is wrong. They are brought down the same way although not labeled as rapists, harassers, etc. This is still wrong to do. You cannot oppress someone and label them as useless if they don’t agree with you. If you cannot declare why they are wrong and why you’re right you cannot just ignore their facts. You cannot just label them and push them aside. But this is still what they do they are not open to a change in their ways. They consistently bring down men and women alike bringing them down to what they are at their worst.

With that said some people argue that it’s not okay to disprove toxic feminism because this happens in reverse men are oppressing women consistently throughout history. As states, “Women have been unjustly held back from achieving full equality for much of human history in many societies around the world.”(Linda Napikoski & Jone Johnson Lewis), However, while women have been oppressed throughout history they are blinding the fact that they are not fighting for equality for all genders. Toxic feminists are fighting against the male gender which is still wrong. We should not reverse the roles for the oppression of males and females we need to come to a basis of equality and restore the feminist movement to what it once was.

Concluding these thoughts the idea of the toxic feminist movement is completely bizarre combatting its claims and refusing to listen to anything different. Breaking down men and women alike destroying their social structure. This movement is an injustice to society ruining people’s livelihood and labeling them into groups that may not even be true about that person. So as the feminist movement gets taken out of hand this movement will arise and continue to cause problems throughout people’s lives. It must be taken seriously and it must be taken down to restore what the feminist movement is about. Equality for all genders across the US and the world. Once this has happened feminism will be brought back to the original glory it once had.          

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