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​From ​"A Room of One’s Own"​ to the MeToo Movement: Culture and Women’s Rights Along the 20th and 21st Century

Introduction This essay aims to provide a comprehensive overview of women's position, their rights, and conditions during the 20th and 21st centuries, examining the changes and reasons behind them. It focuses on two cultural manifestations: Virginia Woolf's influential feminist polemic, "A Room of One's Own,"...

Issue Of Sexual Assault: Me Too Movement

Tarana Burke, in 2006 began a development to help black young women who were or almost were unfortunate casualties of sexual assault. To accentuate to these ladies that they were not the only ones in their encounters, she named it 'Me Too,'. In October 2017,...

Me Too Movement And The Weinstein Production 

The end of October is a time of comical fear and childish excitement; however, the glittering world of Hollywood was introduced to a new fright-fest on the 5th of October 2017 when Ashley Judd identified the Boogeyman. The Me Too movement began when film producer,...

The History Of Me Too Movement

To begin with, according to, there have been 17,700,000 reported sexual assault cases by women since 1998! All aspects of the general public have seen, felt, and experienced it intently the most agonizing and individual methods for torture against ladies. The 'Me Too' express...

Shining A Light On The Me Too Movement

The ‘Me Too Movement’ is rooted in a dark place in founder, Tarana Burke’s soul that can be described as traumatic. She was a youth worker where she interacted with predominantly African American children and other children of color. These children told their traumatic stories...

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