Essay Samples on Social Movement

Millenials Opinion on Pro-Life Movement

What makes pro-life unpopular among the millennials? On May 15, 2019, Alabama passed the bill which would make abortion a felony offense except in cases of serious health implications for the child’s mother. This controversial bill has no exceptions for the rape victims or incest….

Ongoing Debate Around Abortion: Pro-Life Perception

Our great country, the sought after, ever-growing, United States of America. A country bound by laws founded upon morality, justice, and the Holy Bible. Our morality is established in law, famously scribed in the United States Constitution. The Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution states, “No…

Protest In The City Of Johannesburg

INTRODUCTION Protest movements cut across barriers of age, gender, and race. It affects us all. It is an expression that demonstrates one’s disapproval and unsatisfactory. Protests represent soft and silent voices that all along have been screaming and yelling in agony yet have not been…

Civil Disobedience

It only takes a matter of moments for someone to change from a law abiding citizen to a criminal under the eyes of the law. While some criminals break laws for immoral reasons, others break them for reasons of conscience. However, many continue to debate…

Stages In The History Of Bahrain

The history of Bahrain is one in which the fight over power, rich resources, and strategic positioning for trade routes has made the government subject to many shifts in power and political maneuvering. Some of these shifts have been in Bahrain’s favor; however, many of…

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