The “Roaring Twenties”: the Changing Era of Women Movement

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The “Roaring Twenties” was an age of dramatic political, social, and economic modification. Women wanted new and improved rights and the nation’s wealth doubled between 1920 and 1929. Culture, values, and the technology of America modified, and it had just about begun. The “Roaring Twenties” were thought about as a “celebration of youth”. the various experiences that came from WWI had transitioned into the expansion of cities, new industries, and new morals. ladies finally won the right to vote in 1920, and there were new roles for them within the workplace. several of the social changes greatly affected the new world. There was associate increasing handiness of contraception which eventually led to a decline of the birth rate. It didn’t come to a surprise that in that decade women had begun to have a say in their life and in other political associations. Women all over the US were always told what to do, say or wear but with all the liberation campaigns and most important the 19th amendment in toe, the way a woman was seen was greatly changed. This is what one could have called the greatest women’s rights movement in US history. Without these advocates and the flappers, women today wouldn’t be able to do or wear what they want with freedom. This was the start of the movement that would forever change America and its women.

The History of 'Roaring Twenties'

To begin with, before the 1920’s feminists had already risen, and the liberation movements had already begun. As an example, “The nineteenth amendment which came out in 1920 to the Constitution of the U.S. provides men and women with equal liberal rights. The modification states that the right of men and women to vote 'shall not be denied or half-length by the U.S. or by any State on account of sex.' Although this equality was silent within the ordinal modification, most of the states continued to limit or veto women's suffrage”. The women's rights movements started around the decade and became tangled with the struggle to urge and eliminate slavery. This resulted within the proposal for the nineteenth constitutional amendment, it was introduced to the Congress in 1878. This modification remained a disputed issue for over forty years, throughout those years the women's rights movement became powerfully militant, directional campaigns and demonstrations for legislative passage of the modification had become stronger for the commendation of the states. “The first women’s rights movement among the us was on July 19-20, 1848, in Seneca Falls, New York”. Supported by one in of the foremost vital figures within the women’s right movement Susanne B. Anthony. Anthony had noticed that in order to be detected they had to speak up especially if they wanted to achieve identical rights and freedoms each man had. “Within the 1890’s NWSA and AWSA joined forces to strengthen the women’s vote movement”. This helped them by imposing power and strength to urge what they wanted despite the obstacles. “Women were paid less than men doing identical work”. This was one issue that drove these women to remain implementing these movements to finally have equal rights and freedoms for women. One main drawback that all operating mothers or women had to go through was that “Retailers or agencies wouldn’t keep their doors open in order that they might go look or run errands after work”. This made a working mom or females lives harder since they had not time or chance to care for their children or family or even shop for what they needed after a long day of work. The women’s liberation movement extremely modified the manner individuals treated women. Lastly this political action, bolstered by the service of women in trade throughout the 1920s, resulted within the adoption of the 19th constitutional amendment.

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Second, one major factor with the feminist act was the birth prevention movement. Before the 1920’s, a birth prevention movement had already arisen inside the us out of “socialists and alternative radical groups involved with women’s rights and sexual freedom”. The birth prevention movement inside the u. s. was a social reform campaign beginning in 1914 that aimed to increase the availability of planning inside the U.S. through education and group action. people were obtaining down to see that women needed a lot of freedom significantly for one thing that was theirs to start with. In 1916 Margaret Sanger opened the first contraception clinic inside the U.S. the following year she was established guilty of maintaining a nuisance and sentenced to jail for thirty days. Once discharged, she re-opened her clinic and continued to travel through tons of arrests and prosecutions. As time passed this birth prevention movement was “contributed to racism, serving it into a group action movement with racists and anti-feminists”. several people tried to require this movement down since it created women’s bodies a lot of theirs then of puritan men. However, throughout the 1920’s the movement became respectable and non-radical. Women’s rights became a secondary concern, shoved aside by concern with medical health and group action. inside the 1920’s they really began to fret, regarding the movement merely primarily based less in feminism and women’s rights and a lot on health and over population. In 1960 the first contraceptive, Enovid, was approved by the us Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as birth control. lastly, the birth prevention movement was and still can be a major a part of a women’s freedoms.

Third, the flapper movement. The term flapper stands for a stylish woman out to enjoying herself and flouting typical standards of behavior. These girls were branded as bash for their enjoyment of casual sex, drinking, undue makeup, driving cars, and smoking. Flappers were judged for expressing themselves in the very manner no alternative girl ever would simply because they were taking freedom over their own bodies. though they were bad, they command great importance to the feminism movement, as same within the article. “for all the damaging press and dispute that their manner attracted, flappers were at identical time being seen symbolically as apparent advantages for the women’s movement and for feminism”. the manner others saw them didn’t pertain them as a result of they wanted freedom and equality not judgment and laughs. Flappers lasted up until the 1930’s because of the Wall Street crash and therefore the succeeding economic crisis. This ensured that the hedonism and excesses of flappers were dead over. the last decade had commenced with the nineteenth modification finally being accepted, which finally gave women the right to vote. women had also joined the workforce in large numbers, they participated actively within the nation’s new mass client culture and enjoyed a lot of freedom in their personal lives. However, despite the exciting freedoms embodied by the women, real liberation and equality for women remained evasive within the Twenties, and it'd be left to later generations of women to fully have the benefit of the social changes the last decade had set in motion. last the great Depression might have marked the tip of the flapper movement but not the silence of their voices.GrammarCheck Re-write Again Next

How Did My Topic Impact Life Today?

My topic influences today’s life greatly because without the many movements to advocate the 19th amendment women wouldn’t have the many liberties and freedoms, they have today. Women also the have the right to vote today, something they didn’t hold the power to do almost 100 years ago. This topic influences people to speak up for themselves and their freedoms. It also influences them to keep going no matter how hard it gets, anything can be accomplished if you really want it and if you speak up for it. My topic influences this era because without the many acts of liberation movements from all different types of advocates, socialists and the development of the flapper the female population wouldn’t have the freedoms and the rights to anything they now have. This world has changed a lot because women are now allowed to vote, dress how they like, they’re also able to express themselves more freely and are now able to take positions only men could have. In conclusion without these movements’ and the many strong-willed women, we would have continued to have been pushed around by men with power and money.

To conclude, the 1920s was the decade with the greatest women’s rights movements, changing an era of women to become self-made and independent. Many women like Susanne B. Anthony and Margeret Sanger helped start and make the many movements that gained our equality and rights. Other movements like the birth control movement helped people see that a women’s body is theirs and they have the freedom to do with it what they want. The flappers were a good change to the normality of every women before the “Roaring twenties” because they all worked hard to change a women's social standing and how they were seen all to get women today the many liberties they could never have. Even though real liberation and equality for women remained elusive in the 1920s they still succeeded to give women the right to vote. But it would be left to later generations of women to fully benefit from the social changes the decade had set in motion. This topic is important because without the advocates the flappers and the 19th amendment we wouldn’t have the freedoms and equalities we have now. The 1920’s might have had a horrible downfall, but they came with great new possibilities that have had a great toll on an Americans way of life.  

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