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The Increase of Corruption in Vietnam

Introduction These days, corruption is the globally complicated issue which occurs in both developing and developed countries. People have tendency to profit due to office power, high-ranking position in society. In particular, from the middle of the twentieth century, corruption emerged as a malignant disease...

Corruption and Impunity as Absolute Killers of Vision 2030

What hasmade countries like the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore amongst otherplaces develop so fast? What is development?Development signifies migration into a brandnew age. Momentarily after the Second World War in the late 1940s developmentstarted entrenching its way into Free states catalyzed by technologicalemergence. In...

The Changes Needed In South Africa

South Africa has suffered irreparable damage over the last decade under the Zuma administration. The country needs to dismantle patronage networks, improve education and rebuild state institutions, especially within the Health Sector. Corruption Corruption is so rife both within the private and public sector and...

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