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A Newfound Prohibition of Drinking Before the Legal Age

There are many monumental ages in a person’s life. When you turn thirteen you are a teenager, at sixteen you can get your license, when you turn eighteen you are officially an adult, and at the age of twenty-one, you are of the legal age...

Prohibition of Usury in Quran and Islam

Abstract The main aim of this article is to study and find out more about the prohibition of usury. Muslims are prohibited from taking any kind of usury. Usury has obviously been banned without any disagreement by scholars. There are some Quran verses and hadith...

The History And Consequences Of Prohibition

One night in January 1826, Reverend Beecher found out that a friend died from alcohol poisoning. Beecher heard the same stories before about jobs being lost, life savings wiped, and women and children beaten because of alcohol. Beecher wrote a sermon about temperance. Due to...

The Impact Of Alcohol Prohibition On Canada

I chose the prohibition as my historical event because it was like an experiment gone bad. But it did have a great effect on the present and the time after the prohibition. It occurred at different times in different provinces in the early 1900’s. Prohibition...

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