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LGBTQ Pride Acceptance in Taiwan

The word “pride” has become a buzzword that many people from the millennial generation have rather owned. Synonymous to accomplishments with the LGBTQ community, the idea of pride becoming a proactive stance on same-sex marriage is now a reality for a few lucky countries across...

Keeping the Transgender Community Safe: The Misinformation Epidemic

Good intentions do not always yield good results. In an attempt to make the world a more accepting place, a part of social activism has latched onto the idea that everyone’s identity is valid, and that anyone who says otherwise is simply bigoted. This crosses...

Fighting Internalized Transphobia in Trans People

'Mary,' a transgender woman, was raped and abused more than 2,000 times in all-male prison in 2016. She was imprisoned for four years after stealing a car. According to reports, Mary stated that the abuse began as soon as she entered Brisbane’s notorious Boggo Road...

Discrimination against LGBTQ Community: Inequality in the Workplace

One common group of people who get discriminated at their workplace today is the LGBTQ community. Though more liberal states such as California or New York have very good laws in place that protect this community of individuals, other states unfortunately have very limited laws...

How Homophobia and Transphobia Are Manifested in Schools

Introduction Despite the improvements made to school policies in the last two decades, homophobia and transphobia are still apparent in educational contexts. Blumenfeld and Raymond (1998) define homophobia as “the fear of being labelled homosexual and the irrational fear, dislike or hatred of gay males...

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