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Importance Of Black Power Movement

Black lives matter is a political intervention and an ideology in a world where black lives are targeted to death intentionally and systematically. It is an affirmation that, despite the deadly oppression, Black people contributing to this country, humanity, and resilience. African Americans came to...

The End Of Racism: Possible Or Not

Coming from a different background or race, one will always come into contact with being racially profiled or discriminated against. Many Americans today are dealing with being racially profiled because of one simple thing the color of their skin, especially African Americans. In fact, it...

Black Minorities In The Usa

In society, today the Law is made by people in power. By having these people make our laws, they make them more suited to people of higher status in society and are steered away from the minorities. The law is made by people in power...

Movement Towards Equality: Black Power Movement 

Historically, people of different races, genders, and sexual preferences have faced no end of discrimination. This has made it harder for them to live. The best thing about living in modern society is the different steps that are being taken to move towards equity. Organizations...

Racial Issues In Today's World

I chose to write about the Black Life Matters movement. The movement’s creation is what caught my attention, The African American population was going through a time where young black men were falling victim to police brutality and officers were not being held accountable for...

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