Importance Of Black Power Movement

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Black lives matter is a political intervention and an ideology in a world where black lives are targeted to death intentionally and systematically. It is an affirmation that, despite the deadly oppression, Black people contributing to this country, humanity, and resilience. African Americans came to America in the early 1600s. They worked without pay. America as a nation was built on free slave labor. Which mostly were Africans. But they were granted their rights later as the years went by. Nevertheless, black men and women face a day-to-day struggle in many ways.

Educated or not educated, Black people are highly granted to face many work-related issues mostly in pay. Which is politically incorrect. They can work hard as possible and get the job of their dreams but the pay won’t be what they expected. That gets even worse for black individuals with low or no education. This kind of black individual is bound to have less-paying jobs.

The system has not been putting a lot of funds in the black communities. Which makes black communities be the most violent communities to live in. It's mostly black rappers that grew up in those communities that most likely would come back and do something to better them. In addition, black communities have the worst educational system compared to white communities. Even the life spin in white communities is longer than in black communities. The security is there and the people there are not worried about police brutality than how black folks would. Black people are denied a lot of stuff even this the legal system says, it gives out equal rights to everyone, but it really doesn’t. Most black men and women are killed by white cops more than any other race on this face of the earth. And that white cop might get suspended for a month and still get paid. White kids shoot up schools, and the media say ‘they have mental issues. But when a black man is pulled over and tries to get his wallet. They are shot to death because the police “thought he was reaching for something”.

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The case for Reparations outlines how black people in America have been dispossessed of land, denied of homeownership, and impoverished by redlining and predatory lending from the Jim Crow era. L has been arguing that black people will always be treated like something other than humans while being white continues to function as a sign of asset. One hundred years after the civil war. Most houses and subdivisions were preserved as architectural instruments in racialized practice of financing, investment, and ownership. And it was supported by white supremacy. The link between race and space has long been visible in lived experience.

It all came to light following the tragic death of Trayvon Martin. He was killed in a gated mostly white community. The gunman went by the name of George Zimmerman. His death is more so a social operation and the result of intersecting spatial. Violence like that against people of color requires architectural analysis. After killing a lot of young black men and some times women like Michael Brown, Tamir Rice Eric Garner, and many others. Black people took it to public. They went in public spaces challenging the legitimacy of the matter at hand. Sidewalks and some streets where most of these people were gunned down became racially biased policing governs access liberty and life itself. Those places became sites that make violence something that all colors should fight against. And they try to design them as intervention sites.

As the fight for violence among colors still going on to this day. They came up with something called colorblind racism. And this has affected the criminal justice department dearly. It affects the department because sometimes it makes a decision and writes policies without considering how it might affect different races. It also has to deal with the fact that more black men are most likely to go to jail because of these policies than white people. It is because of colorblind racism that the rate of black-to-white crimes tripled up. Police chosen who comes in contact with the system and prosecutors have chosen over what charges are punishable. Police across the United States use race as a factor when making decisions on who they chose to arrest or not arrest. In 2011 there were 685,724 stop-and-frisks conducted by the New York Police Department and between June 2005 and June 2007, 75% of the stop-and-frisks were on black people while only 5% were on white people. This means that black people are more likely to be arrested or searched by police and be inducted into the criminal justice system. This policy causes a racially disproportionate outcome but then sees it as nonracial because it wasn’t designed to be implicitly biased it was designed to reduce such biases. Prosecutors are now on the next level of being crooks in criminal justice system workers. They have that have a lot of discretion over who is going to continue contact with the system. They decide which cases will be charged and how they will be charged. In cases where a white person is killed, it is four times more likely that the defendant will be sentenced to death than if the person that was killed was black. This shows the level of discretion prosecutors have over the lives of the defendants. While the use of race in prosecution and sentencing is against the guidelines that were written that doesn’t stop the implementation of policies with racially disparate effects. The race of the offender had also been found to play a significant role in the prosecutor’s decision to file a charge and proceed with full prosecution. Minorities had higher chances of being charged and fully prosecuted compared to white. The power that both police officers and prosecutors have over who enters and exits the criminal justice system is backed by policies that claim to be race-neutral; however they have a larger negative effect on black lives.

Colorblind racism has also damaged the criminal justice system through the laws and policies (such as mandatory minimums and drug laws) that were put in place. The implementation of sentencing guidelines was originally set to reduce the power of judges and to ensure fair sentences to everyone without considering race. The laws didn’t end powers, it just moved it from the hands of the judges to the prosecutors. One of the policies that were put in place to be “colorblind” as a result of the “war on drugs”. And they have played a big role in locking up large numbers of the black population. The sentencing guidelines that judges have to impose on those convicted of drug offenses often lead to sentences that are longer than violent crime sentences. The Anti-Drug Abuse Act included the mandatory minimum sentences for distributing cocaine. This included the punishment of selling five grams of crack cocaine (associated with blacks) equal to the punishment of selling five hundred grams of powder cocaine which only worked when it’s a black person. Under this new law, almost 18% of those sentenced are black. The criminal justice system produces an illusion of neutrality while exacerbating racial disproportionality. Colorblind racism is a problem in American society and that problem is reflected in the entire American Criminal Justice System.

Since the beginning of America black lives have been treated like they don’t matter. Black people were enslaved and oppressed because of the color of their skin and other biological characteristics. When slavery ended, black lives were still discriminated against due to the color of their skin. It was acceptable to discriminate based on skin color in the pre-Civil Rights era, but in the post-Civil Rights era, things changed. The predominant form of racism is no longer overt or based on biological characteristics. It is a form of racism known as colorblind racism that has influenced various parts of American society including the criminal justice system. The All Lives Matter response is a product of the colorblind society. It is used to try and stop the Black Lives Matter Movement and end any conversation about race. The Black Lives Matter Mobility is a new civil rights movement to conflict against this new form of racism discrimination. It’s stating that race topic in a society where race is considered insignificant. The Black Lives Matter Movement is trying to shift away from colorblindness to color consciousness. It’s not ignoring that racism is still a problem in the United States. The Black Lives Matter movement needs to continue to grow as a social movement. It should try to avoid becoming a civil rights lawyer-led principals like the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s where the leaders distanced themselves from the great unwashed they were advocating for. The Black Lives Matter Movement has local chapters across the United States that can be used to address racism at the local level. The Black Lives Matter Movement should focus on gaining support and educating their communities about colorblind racism to build up. There also needs to be legal challenges and new laws and policies to replace the race-neutral ones in the criminal justice system that cause racial disparities. The policies at every level of the criminal justice system need to be looked at to ensure that they aren’t more harmful to one race than the others.

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