Analysis of Black Lives Matter Activism and Actions Taken by Its Members

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The black lives movement with the #blacklivesmatter has greatly influenced the action as a democracy acts. The influential movement’s goal is to pave the way for african american freedom from modern systematic dehumanization. BLM has transformed the way we talk about police violence among minorities and has succeeded in transforming how Americans talk about, think about, and organize for justified freedom. The organizations of the movement include Assata’s Daughters, Black Youth Project 100, the St. Louis Action council, the Dream Defenders, Millennial Activists United, and the Organization for Black Struggle.

One of the most notable actions taken by the movement is their work on police corruption. Groups working together helped in the U.S department of criminal justice releasing four reports. These reports confirm the These reports are The result, a five year movement has succeeded in transforming and evolving how americans talk and perceived freedom for minorities. Black lives matter foundation is a human rights movement more so than a civil rights movement. Rather than changing laws, their goal is to free them from the dehumanizational system that currently exists.

Participation in the group happens around the country. Over the past five years the participation level has not stagnated. Looking into the foreseeable future BLM movement’s work certainly settle for the status quo. Students on the ground in Missouri, as part of the #ConcernedStudent1950 movement, helped lead to the resignation of the University of Missouri president over his failure to deal with racism on campus. Also, BLM compelled Democrats to restructure their national platform to include issues such as criminal justice reform, and the movement contributed to the election of Black leftist organizers to public office, such as activist Chokwe Lumumba to mayor of Jackson, Mississippi.

Over the past few months, I’ve been paying close attention to the news out of Ferguson, Missouri. Almost five years ago, 18-year-old Michael Brown, an unarmed black man, was shot and killed by a white police officer. The officer was found not guilty, which caused protests, riots, and the start of the “hands up don’t shoot” movement. In these five years, six men, who like Evans were active members in the community and a part of the Ferguson protests have died. One by one. The Black Lives Matter organization has to be one of the most misunderstood groups, with their message getting misconstrued by people who just don’t want to listen. The most recent death to come out of Ferguson was that of protestor Bassem Masri (31 years old) in November. The Palestinian American was found on a bus and his cause of death was a heart attack from a fentanyl overdose. The activist was known in the community for live-streaming protests and demonstrations throughout Ferguson.

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Beginning activists have called for “the end of modern policing in America”. The term would not be used if not for the work they have done. Ironically, many of the political and social debates that have come to define the age of Trump, such as the immigration debate, are arguably indirectly influenced by BLM. Even though they are not a main catalyst in the media as much as they still make an impact on the country’s biggest issues. A notable example of this, recently, congressional Democrats have ordered an abolition of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which in turn has been violating the rights of undocumented immigrants.

An issue that has been missing in much of the mainstream coverage of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement debate is an acknowledgment of how the democratic left’s radicalization would not have been possible without the efforts of Black radical grassroots social movements, such as BLM. We have seen a shift in the countries overall opinion of the democratic party since the rise of free speech in social media. As the country is now pushing for peace and equality the efforts of standing up for what you believe in is the fundamental part in both the democratic system and rooted deep in what #blacklives matter preaches. The overall radicalization of the left party is largely in part to the uprising #blacklivesmatter has caused in society.

Today much of society is making the claim that the black lives matter movement is on the decline. This statement is very much so false. The levels of participation has remained static throughout the past five years. The truth is that all of the Donald Trump personal and political news are currently dominating media news. Even though the cameras are not showing their efforts being made it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

If you were to ask the average american citizen what they knew about black lives matter they would most likely solely know the large efforts such as the riots of Fergoson, Travon Martin, Erik Garner. These are the events that the media loves to cover but much of the small and nitty gritty work is being done in many communities across the country to slowly change the status quo of human rights.

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