Essay Samples on Empowerment

A Call For Women Empowerment In The Movie Miss Representation

Summary Carlow University performed a ‘Miss Representation’ show or its 40th centenary of its Women’s Studies Programme. It functions provoking talks with media representatives, leaders, protesters, academics and musicians. Lisa Ling, Condoleezza Rice, Rosario Dawson, Nancy Pelosi, Gloria Steinem, Paul Haggis and Katie Couric are...

Women Struggle Against the Patriarchal Society in Carol Ann Duffy’s Poem The World’s Wife

Carol Ann Duffy’s ‘The World’s Wife’, arguably serves to illuminate and actively challenge the traditional dominance of male figures throughout both history and literature. Duffy inverts these traditions and implements her strong feminist attitudes within her work, through not only positioning typically ‘voiceless females’ as...

Feminism in Sophocles' Play Antigone

Women were still treated as inferiors in the male-dominated civilization of Early Athens. However, Throughout Antigone, there are many references to feminism including Antigone and Ismene’s relationship, Creon’s anti-feminist remarks, and Antigone’s fearless and valiant assertiveness. In the opening of Antigone, it is revealed that...

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