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Women's Suffrage: Several Waves of Feminism That Changed the Society

For centuries women around the world have fought for Women's Rights. In a global standpoint women have less opportunities in comparison than men, less political representation, less access to education, and a greater risk to their safety. Being a Women around the world comes with...

History of Women’s Reproductive Rights Movement

During the 1960s and 1970s, American Civil Rights movements were at the direct center of American domestic policy. African American Civil Rights Activists were challenging racist Jim Crow Laws and winning, the Gay Rights Movement rioted at Stonewall, and the Women’s Rights movement was experiencing...

The Fight for Women’s Right to Vote

While men were off at war, women were left to tend to their country and keep up the economy, filling in many of the vacant jobs left by the men. Women, now being more involved in the nation, became more interested in having the right...

The Reasons There Was So Much Opposition to Women Getting the Vote 

Women in the United Kingdom were not given voting rights until 1928, however this was only achieved after centuries of division between the male and female gender roles. Women had been subject of a variety of opposition and backlash over their right to vote on...

Women's Fight for Equality: Susan B. Anthony and Ida Wells-Barnett

Susan B. Anthony defended herself in a trial involving her unlawful determination to vote. At the time that this happened, females were not but allowed the opportunity to vote however Anthony bypassed the regulation and casted her ballot anyways. Susan claimed that her council had...

Women’s Suffrage: Fighting for Rights to Vote

News flash.... Women weren't given the right to vote until 1920. Would you believe that it was 64 years after white men were allowed to vote? The women's suffrage movement was possible because of influential women like Elizabeth cady stanton. One of her famous quotes...

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