Movement Towards Equality: Black Power Movement 

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Historically, people of different races, genders, and sexual preferences have faced no end of discrimination. This has made it harder for them to live. The best thing about living in modern society is the different steps that are being taken to move towards equity. Organizations such as Black Lives Matter, the Me Too movement, and LGBT advocates have made great gains in moving towards more equity for all. They are helping to make our society a better place.

First, Black Lives Matter is a movement that began as a response to the number of black deaths occurring at the hands of the police. The organization was designed to emphasize the importance of black lives. The main goal of the movement is to expand and widen people’s views and promote understanding, tolerance, and diversity. It also wants to allow people to express their feelings about black people’s current situation and to raise awareness about the suffering, brutality, and crimes that are specifically targeting black people, especially by non-black police officers. (Balko)

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The black lives matter movement focuses on having equity for black lives by helping to raise awareness of police brutality and to promote a positive image of black people. Black people need to feel safe and not alarmed when approached by a police officer. Many black people are unnecessarily harassed and questioned for more than white people. The black lives movement is also known for its wide range of Black Liberation Organizations. To name just a few, some of the organizations include groups like Black Youth Project 100, Concerned Student 1950 movement, and so on where each of the organizations has their own distinct histories. Collectively, since the start of the black lives matter movement back in 2013, it has helped the society ousting high profile of corrupt prosecutors but also made a significant change locally and nationally. For instance, in Missouri, Concerned Student 1950 movement helped to take down the principal of the University of Missouri because he failed to deal with racism on campus. A diversified population gives a good image that a country can use to its benefit. For example, tolerating and accepting black people will lead to greater harmony in society. Social freedom like the point of not being biased by skin color can help make black people feel more accepted. The Black Lives Matter movement is helping to make modern society better. In increasing awareness about racial discrimination, there is now a movement towards more fair treatment for black people.

Second, the Me Too movement is helping people who are sexually assaulted. It started in 2006 with Tarana Burke who is an activist and community organizer and later spread on social media by Alyssa Milano She tweeted out saying, “if all women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote, ‘Me too’ as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.” This organization is not about males or females individually. It applies to human beings in general because sexual harassment can happen in the workplace and families to anyone. Furthermore, everyone is the same and therefore everyone deserves respect, love, and kindness. However, from a young age, girls are told to stay quiet and be nice and boys are seeing stronger and somehow girls are seeing less than that and that is the reason why it is difficult for females to speak out and even if when they speak out, people will not believe them, but there is power in numbers and that is all about Me Too movement. Similar to the Black Lives Matter movement, the Me Too movement is getting results. For instance, the allegation of Robert Sylvester Kelly who goes by his stage name R. Kelly who has assaulted starting from minor teenagers to any kind of female countless times and even the current president of the United States of America Mr. Donald Trump is accused of sex assault by 11 females during his lifetime. With that being said, because of the Me Too movement justice is being reformed and voices of sexually assaulted women are being heard.

Finally, the LGBT rights organization is a movement of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people that fights for their fair treatment. This organization is used to emphasize the importance of LGBT people and not to be treated differently than any other human people. Its ultimate goal is to expand and widen people’s views and to promote understanding that gay rights are human rights. As Hilary Clinton declared during her speech, “Being gay is not a western invention, it is a human reality.” (BBC News). As Hilary Clinton suggested that LGBT people are born and that they belong to every society in the world. On March 17, 2004, the first legal marriage of the same sex took place in Massachusetts and later on started slowly to be legal all over the world. It would not be legal if it was not for LGBT right organization. In addition, LGBT right organization is making the modern society a better place by making LGBT people have as equal rights as any other human being in the world.

All in all, people of different races, genders, and sexual preferences are facing less discrimination against them today compared to in the past. This is because of different organizations as mentioned above such as Black Lives Matter, Me Too, and LGBT rights movements. These organizations are taking actions by preventing them from happening and making changes by moving toward equity. Clearly, the best thing about living in modern society is the success that different organizations are having in moving toward equity and having fair treatment.  

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