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History Of The Anti-Abortion Movement

The Anti-abortion movement or Pro-life movement is against the practice of abortion and its legality. Many protests are held for this specific movement, most commonly, the March for Life rally. This movement attends the March for Life rally every year in Washington D.C. It consists...

The Controversial Topic of Abortion: Pro-Life, Pro-Choice and Pro-Voice

One of the most controversial topics in the past couple of years is abortion. This topic has been brought to the Supreme Court by Roe v. Wade in America and to the Supreme Court in Canada during R v. Morgentaler. Since Roe v. Wade, many...

Millenials Opinion on Pro-Life Movement

What makes pro-life unpopular among the millennials? On May 15, 2019, Alabama passed the bill which would make abortion a felony offense except in cases of serious health implications for the child’s mother. This controversial bill has no exceptions for the rape victims or incest....

The Beginning of Life in Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice Debate

Abortion is one of the most controversial topics debated nowadays. Nearly 2, 500 American women abort a child per day, and the emotional need to excuse what has been done is strong, instinctive, and blind-sided sometime. Politicians, scholars, and people like me and you have...

Ongoing Debate Around Abortion: Pro-Life Perception

Our great country, the sought after, ever-growing, United States of America. A country bound by laws founded upon morality, justice, and the Holy Bible. Our morality is established in law, famously scribed in the United States Constitution. The Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution states, “No...

Pro-Life: Why Abortion Should Stop

Pro-Life. How many are aware with Pro-Life? Pro-life is an anti-abortion, supporting the belief that it is immoral for a pregnant woman to have the freedom to choose to have an abortion. Although,What does it mean to be pro-life? A good definition of what it...

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