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Sexting and the Issue of Data Privacy in Relation to It

With the increase in mobile phones and their popularity in general, it is no wonder sexting has become so rampant. People of all ages and gender are actively taking part in sexting and it has brought a lot of attention to the matter because it...

The Growing Trend of Sexting Among Children and Teens

Cell phones are common objects found in the pockets and bags of almost everyone one in the world. Recently, cell phones have been getting teens and adults into trouble. Most individuals send and receive text messages. The newest trend among some individuals is “sex-texting” or...

The Effects of Social Media and Sexting on Teenagers

Social media can be a great web-based communication and marketing tool, however, it often gets misused and abused. (Nations, 2019). Nowadays, various electronic long range, interpersonal communication customers cannot show or express why online life is valuable or accommodating. However, it should be noted that...

Preventing Cyberbullying by Forbidding Texting

Globalization has amplified the spread of technology across borders created the world smaller and additional interconnected. It can be reached anywhere through a telecommunications line and also comes to the laptop by converting the analog signal into a digital signal. This has brought uncounted advantages...

The Social Media Phenomena: Cyberbullying and Sexting

Abstract: One of the undeniable factors of technological era is that social media is an integral part of modern community. In our modern world, especially children and teenagers are active users of these networks. Sometimes this utilization can become an addiction and have a bad...

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