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Federal Preparation and Social Mitigation Protection Programs

The entire nation is considered vulnerable to natural and manmade/technological disasters. Natural disasters are considered a high threat throughout the entire calendar year and the more the population grows the larger the number at risk. The mid-Atlantic sector of the U.S. is at risk to...

Social Correctional Programs and Preventing Recidivism

Prevention of criminal recidivism is essential through enacting different educational programs within correctional facilities. The United States has the highest number of incarcerated individuals in the globe. This implies that the government incurs much financial effort towards maintaining correctional facilities annually. It is essential that...

Evaluation of the Current Social Policy on Domestic Violence

Social issues are difficulties that are present in a society and individuals may go through these daily. In order to be a social problem, these issues tend to affect more than one individual meaning there needs to be a group in the society who consider...

History and Work of Consumer Financial Protection Agency

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to provide the history and impetus for the Consumer Financial protection agency (CFPA). This paper will describe and explain the just what the CFPA does and has done for the citizens of the United States. The author will...

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