Equity as the Quality of Being Fair and Impartial

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Many people think these two words are the same, and others refuse to agree with that type of logic, but the real thing that defines both words are how people act with them. The definition of equity is the quality of being fair and impartial and the definition of equality is the state of being equal. Which one do you think Dr. King risked not only his, but others lives for?

When someone has a quality, it means that they can live with or without it. It is the type of thing that attracts or unattracts friends, gets you noticed or unnoticed, and is an aspect of how you carry yourself throughout your life. Basically, all buildups of your personality, but is that the case for others? When you have the quality of being fair and impartial, you do things like share, take turns, etc. Those who don’t have that quality display opposite acts from others that do have that quality. Instead, they perform acts of violence and hate. 

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Equity is a choice. Whether to spread kindness throughout your life or spread hate. Whether to treat others with the same dignity and respect you treat yourself or treat them like they are less than. Whether to treat others equally and with all fair treatment or to judge them by the color of their skin, how they dress, their religion, their house, or even the things they own. People still find ways to misuse this quality in numerous ways. 

Ways which others find misleading. They think it is “cool” to bully others based on their judgment or perspective of how that person should be seen. Even though people shouldn’t be judged on their body shape or hair color, they should be judged by their character. How they treat people or act around others, but equity isn’t something you are forced to do. It is a choice, and we leave it up to the people to make the right decision.

When someone is in the state of being something that means that they have the right to. A right. Something that cannot be taken away from you. Something that you deserve to have. Something that everyone needs to treat others with. Equality is the state of being equal, but what does it mean to be equal? To be the same height? To have the exact same house? To have the same things? No. To be equal means it doesn’t matter if you have long hair or short hair, brown eyes or blue eyes, a very big house or a small brownstone, but you are still treated with the same respect and kindness of everyone else. 

When everyone has a right of being equal why are people still not treated that way. The world we live in is not perfect. Even though people say you are not entitled to anything in this world. You are. You are entitled to being able to go for a run around your neighborhood and get questioned by anyone because of your skin color or religion. Even though most people show equality throughout life, but some decide to go down the wrong path. Even if you have a right to equality others decide to go against the rules of human efficiency.

In the end the thing that we all desire, that we all should have, the thing that still isn’t shown today even if there are laws and protection rights that everyone should have it, the thing Dr. King fought for was in fact equality not equity. We want a right of being equal, not a choice that we leave people to make for us, and wouldn’t we all want to “ not judged by the color of our skin, but by the contents of my character.”

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