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The Point Of View Of Luck: Matter Of Preparation Meeting Opportunity

You probably also know this from yourselves: days when everything doesn’t go as it should, days when everything goes wrong. Sometimes you wonder if you could help your luck a little. The phenomenon of luck not only fascinates us, it is also a constant companion...

Do What Makes You Believe: Standing Up For What You Believe In

We all know that every person has its own different beliefs as they experience it, specially from the places or culture they have been through that has been past through out the different generation. It may be different from the usual happenings but it still...

Taking A Stand Or Winning Is Not Everything

In our society being a winner symbolizes success. But that is wrong. If a team is winning anyone can support that, it takes no courage but supporting a team who’s losing it takes a lot of courage. It is important to take a stand for...

Defining The Meaning And Value Of Human Life

The biggest cliché of all the questions already had the most varied range of answers. The value of life could even be answered by simple a way: that each individual constructs its own meaning. That is because everyone has their impossible mission in here. Each...

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