Essay Samples on Finding Yourself

My Journey To Self Acceptance

In 8th grade, a classmate came up to me and told me I was pretty “for an Asian”. She intended it as a compliment but didn’t realize its negative implications. It’s disheartening and baffling to see that society’s beauty expectations of Asians are so low...

How I Learned to Accept Myself

Acceptance. You see it isn’t easy for a short bulky teenager to fit in at school, especially in the 21st Century. I was always clouded with self-doubt and the social stigmas associated with my body. In a sense, my mind was a dinghy constantly drifting...

Finding My Own Path in Life

A dream can alter so much in a person’s life – it affects everyone in varying degrees and propels people to push themselves towards a better future. My life is nothing short of an example to prove this claim. Having spent my childhood years engrossed...

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