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What Makes Me Who I Am

People say that I am a very shy person, that I don’t talk much. Although I may seem like a shy and reserved person to people who don’t know me, I am actually a very talkative person. You will probably never see me walk up...

What Makes You Who You Are

Who are you? What a compelling question that is. If due attention has never been paid to this inquiry before time, it often leaves the recipient confused. Here’s the truth: unless a man has made due efforts to answer a question like this, it would...

Personal Essay on What Makes Me Unique

My name is Hoi Ying Candice Chan. I’m a typical 18-year-old girl that recently graduated from high school and wanting to pursue my dream job at the university. Each one of us is born unique in the same way and I believe I also have...

Leadership Is My Strong Side

Mustering the courage, penetrating the challenge, and engendering the creativity are the abilities to define myself as a visionary leader. After the head of Corporate Social Responsibility of PT Pertamina Region VII awarded me as the best presenter in Pertamina Technology Challenge, an opportunity as...

Medicine – The Perfect Industry For Me

I was inspired to study Medicine the moment I witnessed a dural splitting craniocervical decompression procedure. I undertook work experience at the Leeds General Infirmary within the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. During work experience, I observed different surgeries, from Paediatric Neurosurgery to Cancer Surgery on...

Chasing My Career Goals In America

I was so excited to meet my dad after 4 years. My two younger sisters and my mom were also so excited. After living like aliens in our own country, we are finally going have freedom and create our own life. I was finally going...

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