My Dedication To Be An Aeronautical Engineer

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Since the age of 1, I was very fortunate to have many opportunities to travel all over the world. My parents who were both flight attendants were given the employee discount. I was able to travel about 13 different countries, and though they were amazing experiences, the most exciting moment for me always was being on the plane. Once, I went to a Aircraft facility tour of Korean Air’s innovative airplane A380. The thrill of just by looking at the the gigantic engine blades, support of wheels and towing caravan for the plane, collaboration people go through for each flight was beyond the excitement from simply boarding the plane. After this experience, I was more attracted to what was behind the luxury: how the aircrafts are designed and constructed in the way they are and how each parts of the aircraft contributes the the flight.

Through my physics and math courses in high school, my interest in the engineering field grew even more towards the mechanics. It fascinated me how almost every design has the principles of physics for its efficiency. For example, I learned how the airplane wings were designed in an asymmetrical teardrop shape so that it divides and controls the strength and the pressure of the airstream to keep the airplane aloft, using Bernoulli’s principle of Airfoil. Engineering incorporates the math and physics, but it is not something that can achieved by learning from textbook. It requires innovative thinking that could apply and benefit people’s daily lives, especially mechanical. In my case, I want to pursue being an aeronautical engineer, designing aeroplanes that can contribute to the thrill of their flights just like the excitement I had. I seek an engineering program that I could conduct research and expand my scope of creativity of design while teaching me the basic skills as an engineer.

As I be part of McCormick school of engineering, I want to join student organization Design for America that would further my innovative design aspects of engineering in the future. I like the “we don’t wait for innovation” aspect of DFA and how students from all majors collaborate to make the world better by trying to solve the problems with range from how to save more water in school cafeteria to how to improve lives of children. Studying mechanical engineering in McCormick, I will be able to preview the real life engineering while I am in school. As I enroll in courses such as Computational solid/fluid and mechanics, I will be able to contribute to DFA by maximizing the use of my education. My goal is to approach the effectiveness of unmanned aircraft design through DFA after I familiarize myself with aerospace courses.

In addition, I can pursue my other interests at Northwestern and give back to the community. By the time I am a senior, I want to be able to give a helping hand to a freshman who shares the same ideals and goals as I do by applying to be a Peer Advisor and POP counselor, continuing my high school peer counselor skills. It’s true that the Northwestern University offers a world-class education with fascinating courses like Artificial Intelligence Programming. However, I want to go to Northwestern for more than just what the classroom has to offer: I want to explore through FDA, and most of all, I want to see my ideas become a reality even before I graduate.

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