Network Engineer Career Plan Development

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The growth of computers and technology is set to rapidly increase. There is going to be a huge increase in computer related jobs. However, computers are going to outpace what many people may know so always staying up to date is a very important thing if you want to be able to keep your job. Many businesses are going to offer computer-based services so there is going to be great demand and competition. There is probably going to be a need for people that can bridge the gap between data scientists and basic computer development (Devex). Having somebody that can speak computer language and translate it to basic language that someone can understand is something that is going to be a job that may be very important. Long term goals My long-term goal is finding a job that lets manage servers and computer networks. I would also like to run my own business that does web hosting and online tickets. I like to educate myself my watching YouTube and reading content online. With how fast the world’s technology is changing you will have to constantly learn the new ways of doing things. I real ly enjoy and learn the most by simply doing the task.

Short term goals

My short-term goals are to work on both high school and CCP courses. I am determined to get good grades and realize that grades make a big difference in what jobs I can get. I also want to work on getting some jobs for my business and grow it as a company. I am currently working at Salem Computer learning what it is like in a computer repair shop and learning new information on fixing computers. I want to get experience in al l parts of computers, so I can intelligently choose what field of computer I enjoy most.

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Network Engineer Job description

Network engineers will plan, construct and manage network to ensure they’re optimized and functioning as intended (new horizons). You are responsible for making sure that everything is working correctly and usually are responsible for the entire organization’s computers.

Work Environment

Network Engineers mainly work in server room on anywhere they make their remote-control room to access al l their network devices. You can usually control your network devices from any room in the building, so you can get air conditioning and other benefits. You may also have to roam around the building though to performance maintenance on devices that can’t remotely be administered. In the end Network Engineers have a pretty good work environment.


There is no hard rule on what kind of degrees and education that you need as most of it requires experience. It is usually beneficial to have at least a bachelor’s degree in networking. You should have a basic level certification in products like Cisco. Employment outlook and earning Network engineer income greatly depends on the experience you have. The pay usually falls into the range of $50, 000 to $150, 000. You will need to be able to show that you know how to do and show potential to your employer if you wanted to be moved towards the higher salary. The more experience to get working with small companies and managing other networks the better chance you will get doing even larger jobs.

Executive Summary

I love working with computers and want to make my main job. However, I don’t know exactly what part of computers I want to do for a living. I want to learn as much as possible in al l areas, so I can get a feel for what I like the most. By doing these interviews I was able to find what I liked the most. I was able to learn about different databases other than simply MYSQL. I was also to hear what al l is involved in managing hundreds of computers. I would really like to be able to manage 100s of servers and super computers. Managing policies for servers and network setups seem really exciting for me. By doing this paper I was able to find many interesting things and made me really think about what I want to do for a living. I currently am running a small business that does web hosting, and online ticket events. I really enjoy seeing what other people are doing. After seeing what other people get to manage I was able to see that I may to really think about what I am doing. In the end this project has made to make time to find different job opportunities and what options are out there for me to do.

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