Why I Want to Be a Paramedic: My Dream Job

April 25, 2023
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Why I Want to Be a Paramedic: My Dream Job essay
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Since finishing my degree in psychology, I have been working as a clinical support worker at Salford royal hospital. Working in the NHS has completely changed my perspective as to what career I thought that I had previously wanted, since I have been working as a support worker I really enjoy the busy, fast-paced, and clinical environment. This is why becoming a high intense therapist such as a counselor or a CBT therapist has become a distant thought, I feel that the role of a paramedic is diverse and busy,..... and this sort of role appeals to me greatly as I see myself as the type of person who can deal with any situation at hand, I have brilliant methodical and logical skills as well as also bringing a combination of much other work and life skills gained from my current role and life experiences, such as compassion, great communication skills, fast-acting under extreme pressure. I will explain why I want to be a paramedic in this essay.

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Why I want to be an EMT

I am fascinated by the complexities of human biology, and I am very keen on learning more about its complex mechanisms. My job has given me the great opportunities to observe and carry out certain procedures and treatments, and also work with equipment that is needed to maintain a patient's psychological needs, such as ventricular devices, I have also been able to administer medications through NG tubes, gastrectomy tubes, I have also worked with EVD's and tracheostomies.

Daily, I become more and more intrigued by the field of science. The more I research the best help to offer to people suffering in agony and pain, the more I desire to become a paramedic. This field has greater responsibilities than I thought but my experience combined with my zeal will help me fit well in it. I feel fulfilled when I do something that matters in people’s lives like saving the life of a dying child and seeing their parents smile again. This makes my passion stronger. I believe paramedics do more than what an ordinary person might think about their work. They go beyond their defined roles and show compassion combined with care at the most sensitive time of need. I have loved stories from videos as practicing paramedics narrate their life and work experiences. I have read information about how paramedics save lives and give back to society. These stories have given me more reasons why I want to be a paramedic.

My main and only aim in life is to be a part of the paramedic community, as I am such a hard-working and driven person, I strive to work with other paramedics and other health care professionals. The job paramedics carry out on a daily basis is absolutely inspiring, their patient base is very universal, they can be dealing with a very sad and lonely person who just wants a chat, mental health patients who have attempted suicide, to dealing with patients in their most critical moments.

The role requires alot of knowledge about patient care as well as having the ability to handle stress and everyday pressures. During my own personal life I have been in emergency situations where either myself or someone close to me had fallen I'll suddenly and unexpectedly, the very quick and professional response from the paramedics definitely inspired me and impressed me. Also my cousins, 2 brothers have inspired me so much as they have been working for the NWAS for 16 years now and the skills and knowledge they have gained through working as paramedics is nothing but astonishing. So at the age of 28, theres nothing I want more to be given the chance to work hard at university and see myself graduating with a paramedic science degree and working alongside fellow colleagues who have the same compassion and overwhelming feeling of working in this field.


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The essay describes the author's desire to become a paramedic, emphasizing their background in psychology and clinical support work. The candidate's enthusiasm for the paramedic field is evident, and they provide personal anecdotes and family inspiration to support their choice. The essay could be improved with a more structured format, clearer organization, and a deeper exploration of the skills and qualities that make them suitable for a paramedic role. Additionally, refining the introduction and conclusion for a more engaging start and impactful close would enhance the overall effectiveness of the essay.
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Structured Organization: Arrange the essay in a clear and structured format with distinct paragraphs for each key point, such as educational background, experience, motivation, and qualities for the paramedic role. Deeper Exploration: Expand on the skills, qualities, and experiences that make you well-suited for the paramedic profession. Provide specific examples of how your clinical support work and psychology degree are relevant. Engaging Introduction/Conclusion: Craft a compelling introduction that immediately captures the reader's attention and presents your passion for becoming a paramedic. Conclude the essay with a strong summary of your motivation and suitability for the role.
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Why I Want to Be a Paramedic: My Dream Job essay

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